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by GumpsterApril 19, 2019

The time is nearly upon us, many gamers would have set off yesterday in anticipation for an exciting weekend ahead of them. Some of the CS:GO community will be believing they can be the “next big thing” whilst others will be tired of turning up to another iSeries, going through all the delays that usually happen, and wondering why they bothered. It’s a great mix of people at an event like this and one we are incredibly excited to cover this weekend.

From our own team, Michael “Duck” Moriarty will be leading a crew of merry men around the floor to write up notes on some of the bigger clashes this weekend, they will be scurrying around doing some interviews where they can, and of course, we have a set of pictures that will be being snapped throughout the weekend. Meanwhile, I’ll be holding the fort down back home and watching from a distance to help support the event team as much as possible. If anything needs writing, and I’m around, then you will see my name pop up every so often. These type of events I love covering because whilst it can be frustrating at times, the UK Scene needs as much coverage as it can muster.

This weekend will see just over 40 teams participating at the UK’s largest LAN event. Once again, there will be a Swiss Group stage, which moves into an elimination bracket. With teams such as Fierce Esports, London Esports, Reflex.EU and multiple others in attendance, it looks set to be a pretty good LAN event. However, with a few notable names out at Copenhagen Games (Endpoint and CeX), and other teams currently out of action rebuilding their lineups after the Spring LAN season upswing, then there is a power vacuum to be had in the mid tier of the scene.

For the next three days, be ready for some pulsating action, some drama, pure controversy, delays and the fact that anything and everything will happen at insomnia64, it will be the ride of your life. Here are just some of the teams in attendance this weekend:

The Teams

The Heavyweights

  • Fierce Esports – dOOMM, Stan1ey, Astroo, ec1s, smooya
  • London Esports – meZii, Kray, frazehh, L1NK, Adam9310
  • ReflexEU – eMy, kpiz, m0g, JayCMX, wh1sk
  • DarkSpawn Gaming – JamesBT, znx, conor, Br0die, lainNy
  • ExilliumGG – ViztA, Gaborik, swaggy, Ping, TotunG

The Underdogs

  • ZONE444 – Cayfyy, day0s, HEA7, Krusht, Kologne
  • Horus Esports – c1ties, VarionN, JackB, cryths, drag
  • CRUNCH – vito, mAson, MifdawG, jSAV, M4RCUSSS
  • PotShots – SpiKyAsH, Tbirdy, Sorex, want3d, xtR

The Outsiders

  • Mint Clan – Pink, Holl1s, Steely, Rasput1n, us3rbob
  • Socially Esports – Lake, CockneyYakuza, KOGGGYYYY, Crazyyy, HaS
  • Omen Esports – Walli, Kremer3, steveO, SLG, zestyr
  • KDR – Ka1z, DmGod, MontSta, Sham, 5haBo

(Should be noted… this isn’t the entire list of teams, and there are some teams I probably missed in certain sections. It should also be noted these teams are NOT seeds, and that these teams were compiled from the list on Battlefy)


insomnia64 underway once again at the NEC (Credit: IGFestUK Flickr)

The Format

Group Stage

  • Swiss Group Stage


  • Double Elimination,16 teams
  • Best of Three
  • Best of Five Grand Final (Upper Bracket 1 map advantage)

The teams knocked out from the group stage will then be placed into the Intermediate Tournament, where all teams will then play another group stage of either Swiss or normal groups depending on the number of signups.

Map Pool

  • de_dust2
  • de_nuke
  • de_mirage
  • de_overpass
  • de_cobblestone
  • de_train
  • de_cache

Prize Pool

£6,250 (expected based on number of signups)

(No information on potential breakdown of prize pool)

The Schedule

All times are rough estimates at this point bar the starting times of the day, please note, delays have been known to happen at UK events, so we advise you to keep an eye through the dedicated tournament website. Remember all times are in BST.


  • Round 1 – 12noon
  • Round 2 – 1.30pm
  • Round 3 – 3.30pm
  • Round 4 – 5pm
  • Round 5 – 7pm
  • Round 6 – 8.30pm


  • Round 1 – 11am
  • Quarter-Finals & Lower Bracket Round 1 – 4pm
  • Lower Round 2 – 7.30pm


  • Semi-Finals & Lower Round 3 – 10.30am
  • Lower Round 4 – 2pm
  • Upper Bracket Final – 3pm
  • Lower Bracket Final – 5.30pm
  • Consolidation Final – 9pm


  • Grand Final – 11am

Event Streams

insomnia64 General Esports Stream

We are live at the event taking photos, doing interviews, and bringing you lots of coverage to keep you upto date on insomnia64 so make sure you stay tuned to UKCSGO over the next few days for full event coverage and photos. You can follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page for all the daily news from insomnia64.

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