insomnia64: The Swiss Group Stage

by GumpsterApril 19, 2019

It is time for insomnia64 Counter-Strike tournament to begin. Once again, the iSeries admin team has opted to go with the famous Swiss group stage, which means that teams will get a set amount of games where they have to fight it out to make it to the elimination bracket. With 44 teams entering (meaning a £6,250 prize pool), it should be an action packed weekend.

The Swiss bracket will see six best-of-one rounds played out, with the top sixteen teams headed to the playoff bracket stage. The tournament isn’t being fully livestreamed, with one central stream covering a number of tournaments throughout the weekend, with the team dropping in and out of CS:GO.

Round One

Fierce Esports 16-2 Mint
London Esports 16-3 Bongo Bears
DarkSpawn Gaming 16-8 School of Rock
Meat Lust 7-16 MJ’s U17
AEC 4-16 Impact Esports
Reflex.EU 16-7 FAB?
Socially Esports 16-14 Omen Esports
Wind and Rain 16-10 Chrome GG
habbo club FF-W Blackout Gaming
Danny Devito’s Disciples 11-16 CRUNCH!
OverPowered Vortex 16-2 Mint – D&O

GILFS 3-16 Dogs Trust
T1TAN FF-W Pisshead Phanboys
Always Late- 16-1 mousemasters
ZONE444 16-5 Complex Gaming
Homo Erectus 3-16 TroubleShooterz
Swirlers 9-16 Dark Fruits In The Woods
Bread Barons 16-11 El Fish
seaworldgang 0-16 KDR
Exillium 16-8 CONCRETE KIEVS
200 Knives 2-16 Horus Esports
Titty Inc 7-16 Frog Esports

Round Two

1-0 Bracket

MJ’s U17 0-1 Dark Fruits In The Woods
Impact Esports 1-16 Wind and Rain
Blackout Gaming 4-16 Bread Barons
DarkSpawn Gaming 3-16 ReflexEU
ZONE444 7-16 London Esports
CRUNCH! 16-8 Always Late-
Fierce Esports 16-5 Frog Esports
KDR 2-16 Exillium
TroubleShooters 8-16 Dogs Trust
Pisshead Phanboys 0-16 Horus Esports
Socially Esports 16-3 OverPowered Vortex

0-1 Bracket

habbo club W-FF T1TAN
200 Knives 22-19 Meat Lust
Homo Erectus 1-16 seaworldgang
Mint – D&O 11-16 mousemasters
Danny Devito’s Disciples 16-5 GILFS
El Fish 16-7 Swirlers
ChromeGG 16-5 Omen Esports
Titty Inc 11-16 Bongo Bears
School of Rock 16-0 AEC
FAB? 16-4 Complex Gaming

Round Three

2-0 Bracket

Wind and Rain 16-10 CRUNCH !
Fierce Esports 16-11 Horus Esports
ExilliumGG 28-25 Dogs Trust
Socially Esports 5-16 London Esports
Bread Barons 11-16 Dark Fruit in the Woods
ReflexEU 16-4 Blackout Gaming

Note: Blackout Gaming are 1-1 but due to odd numbers are playing in this bracket.

1-1 Bracket

Habbo club 0-1 Bongo Bears
Concrete Kievs 1-16 ChromeGG
Titty inc 16-1 Homo Erectus
Danny Devito’s Disciples 16-10 TroubleShooterz
Pisshead Phanboys 16-5 Impact Esports
Frog Esports 6-16 Always Late
School of Rock 16-2 Overpowered Vortex
200 Knives 16-13 KDR
MJ’s U7S 5-16 DarkSpawn Gaming
El fish 19-16 Sea World Gang

0-2 Bracket

AEC 0-16 Omen Esports
Complex Gaming 16-14 Meat Lust
Zone444 16-6 Mint
Swirlers 19-16 Mint – D+O
Mousemasters 3-16 FAB

Note: Zone444 are 1-1 but due to odd numbers are playing in this bracket.

Round 4

This round will see the first set of teams headed to the playoffs out of the 3-0 bracket.

3-0 Bracket

Dark Fruits In The Woods 3-16 Fierce Esports
London Esports 16-5 Wind and Rain
ReflexEU W-FF ExilliumGG ***

*** Exillium won the match 16-13 but the result was overturned due to an allegation of obtaining additional information via stream watching.

2-1 Bracket

CRUNCH ! 5-16 Horus Esports
Dogs Trust 1-16 DarkSpawn Gaming
El Fish 16-7 Bongo Bears
200 Knives 7-16 ChromeGG
Zone444 16-1 Bread Barons
Pisshead Phanboys 2-16 Socially Esports
AlwaysLate- 16-6 Danny Devito’s Disciples

1-2 Bracket

MJ’S U17s 16-6 Blackout Gaming
School of Rock 16-11 FAB
Swirlers 13-16 habbo club
Omen Esports 13-16 KDR
mousemasters 5-16 Frog Esports
OverPowered Vortex 16-12 Complex Gaming
seaworldgang 16-7 Impact Esports
GILFS 12-16 TroubleShooterz

Note: mousemasters are 0-3 but are playing in this bracket due to numbers

0-3 Bracket

T1TAN FF-W Homo Erectus
Mint 11-16 Meat Lust
AEC 10-16 Mint – D&O

Round 5

4-0 Bracket

Reflex EU 16-11 London Esports
Fierce Esports 16-2 Socially Esports

Note: Socially Esports are 3-1 but are playing in this bracket due to numbers

3-1 Bracket

Horus Esports 16-5 School of Rock
Wind and Rain 13-16 Zone444
ExilliumGG 0-1 DarkSpawn Gaming
Always late-  1-0 Dark Fruit in the Woods
ChromeGG 1-0 El Fish

2-2 Bracket

habbo club 3-16 CRUNCH !
Dogs trust 16-7 Frog Esports
Bread Barons 16-8 Overpowered Vortex
Seaworld Gang 16-11 200 Knives
Danny Devito’s Disciples 16-11 Pisshead Phanboys
MJ’s U7s 16-10 FAB?
Bongo Bears 1-16 Concrete Kievs
KDR 16-4 TroubleShooterz

1-3 Bracket

Complex Gaming 1-0 Mint – D&O
GILFS W-FF Omen Esports
Titty inc W-FF Swirlers
Meat Lust W-FF impact Esports
Homo erectus 6-16 Mousemasters

0-4 Bracket

Blackout Gaming 16-5 Mint
T1tan FF-W AEC

Note: Blackout Gaming are 1-3 but are playing in this bracket due to numbers

Round 6

5-0 Bracket

Fierce Esports 1-0 London Esports

4-1 Bracket

ChromeGG 19-16 Always late-
ReflexEU 16-6 Horus Esports
DarkSpawn Gaming 1-0 Zone444

3-2 Bracket

Wind and Rain 16-2 el fish
Socially Esports 13-16 ExilliumGG
CRUNCH ! 1-16 Dark Fruits in the Woods
Bread Barons 6-16 Seaworldgang
School of Rock 7-16 Concrete kievs
MJ’S U7s 16-9 KDR
Danny Devito’s Disciples 13-16 Dogs Trust

2-3 Bracket

200 Knives 0-1 Omen Esports
Blackout Gaming W-FF Frog Esports
Fab? W-FF Bongo Bears
Pisshead Phanboys FF-W Overpowered Vortex
TroubleShooterz 13-16 Titty inc
Complex Gaming 16-7 Mousemasters
habbo club 16-13 Meat Lust

1-4 Bracket

Impact Esports FF-W Homo Erectus
Swirlers W-FF AEC
Gilfs W-FF Mint – D&O

0-5 Bracket

T1tan FF-W Mint

Teams require 4 wins to advance to the knockout stage.

This document will be updated throughout the Swiss stage, with a update through Twitter as each round concludes.

We are live at the event bringing you lots of coverage and updates to keep you up to date on all of the insomnia64 action so make sure you stay tuned to UKCSGO over the next few days for full event coverage. You can follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page for all the daily news from insomnia64.

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