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JamieG won’t play for OG Academy due to personal reasons

The British AWPer pulled out due to personal reasons

by Dafydd
OG Academy with UK flag

Earlier in the month, UKCSGO reported that Jamie “JamieG” Grice would be joining OG Academy. At the time, the organization had reached out to him and a verbal agreement was reached, however, shortly after this JamieG told the team that he would be pulling out due to personal reasons. This has been confirmed by OG and they have now publically announced the roster that they will be using.

The Ex-EKO AWPer has a ton of potential, and it’s a shame that he won’t be able to put his talent on the map in a team under a big name like OG. When he played under the EKO banner, JamieG and the team achieved third place at Insomnia 68 and second place at EPIC.LAN 35, becoming the 175th HLTV ranked team.

JamieG would have been the second player as part of OG’s CS:GO division to come up through the UK scene, as Shahar “flameZ” Shushan established himself in tier two whilst playing at Endpoint. Although some would have said that picking up JamieG hurt the UK scene, UK players being put on the map helps to shine a light on the scene as a whole.

Unfortunately, it’s uncertain whether JamieG will be playing CS:GO anytime soon. Furthermore, we don’t expect to see him returning to ex-EKO either, leaving the talented AWPer without a team to play under for the foreseeable future.

OG Academy will be competing in the WePlay Academy League after announcing their roster today. The team is now made up of the following players:

  • Blagoi “oxygeN” Dimitrov
  • Arbnor “Dementor” Pacolli
  • Alexandru “s0und” Ștefan
  • Max “Marix” Kugener
  • Kaloyan “shaiK” Borisov

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