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REPORT: JamieG to sign for OG Academy

According to our sources OG have chosen the British AWPer to join their academy squad.

by Dafydd
JamieG with OG Academy logos in the background

Earlier in the year, on the 16th of February, OG announced that they were looking for the next prodigies of CS:GO to build up their academy team. However, since that time, there has been silence from the organisation and it has been unknown what that academy team would look like.

In the last few months trials have been ongoing for the team with notable names including the Into the Breach player Cai “CYPHER” Watson. After countless trials, our sources tell us that OG came to a decision today regarding the team and that Jamie “JamieG” Grice will be the AWPer. Our sources tell us it has been verbally confirmed. It is unknown when OG is planning to sign contracts and announce the roster but with the acquisition of JamieG from the free agent team Ex-EKO, OG academy has established they are building an English speaking squad.

At just 19 years old, the Ex-EKO star AWPer has tons of potential and suits the idea of an academy team perfectly. Whilst playing under the EKO banner, JamieG and the team achieved third place at Insomnia 68, second at EPIC.LAN 35 and ended as the 175th HLTV ranked team.

JamieG becomes the second player in OG’s CS:GO division to come up through the UK scene, as Shahar “flameZ” Shushan established himself in tier two whilst playing at Endpoint. Although some may argue that OG picking up JamieG hurts the UK scene, which has been thriving of late, it will be good to see the UK represented at the WePlay Academy League.

UKCSGO did reach out to OG for a comment but they declined.

With this addition by OG, Ex-EKO are currently:

Oliver “husky” Gollings
James “Mad” Debono
Rory “cryths” Ursell
Oscar “LVN” Levin
Luke “EMPEROR” Ingram (coach)

Header photo from EPIC.LAN

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