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ENCE sign Whitey as Academy Coach

The former Endpoint Academy Coach steps up to the big leagues.

by Dafydd

George “Whitey” White has joined ENCE to coach their academy team. Whitey, who has extensive experience coaching in the UK scene, follows in the footstep of Jamie “keita” Hall and Ashley “ashhh” Battye as he joins a non-UK team. He hasn’t coached a CS:GO team since the Endpoint academy project was terminated in December 2021.

Since George headed up the Endpoint Academy, it was a bit of a tough run, with the side continually facing challenges both within the project and within the team. The academy project eventually ran its course in December late last year and ever since then George has remained quiet on his future whilst never signalling any return outside of Endpoint until now.

We caught up with Whitey to get his ask about how he got the new role.

What got me the role is that Neil_M tagged me in ENCE’s open try-out announcement, I originally was working full time with Endpoint in content management after the Academy program was put on hiatus, I thought to myself ‘why not?’ just to see if I still had the value to make it far in there application process, each week I continued into there stages and finally got to the interview stage, by no means at that stage did I think I was going to get the role. I enjoy the interview a lot, I clicked with there vision and ideas instantly and I had high hopes but again with the limitations of only being able to speak English I really thought they’d take a different option, so the day I got a meeting invite to be told I got offered the role was one of the best days of my life. & I hope with everything I learnt in my last academy project I can make right in this one and reach the top.

Whitey has been around quite a while, a notable highlight being when he created the team “Madeeka” with unknown players for EPIC.LAN and exceeded all expectations. It was 2019 when he decided to hang up his mouse and keyboard in game to concentrate on another career path in Esports which saw him transition into coaching. He moved to Team Endpoint and tried to help them develop over the course of 2019 through Copenhagen Games, Grosvenor Esports Season 2 and then eventually the European Minor Championship for Berlin. After that he had stints with CeX, Fierce Esports, Reason Gaming & Vexed before finally returning to Endpoint.

Whitey continued to tell us…

“In terms of goals for the team. Overall short and sweet, results are important to me but thats over-time. The biggest goal I want to reach in this new program is to push ENCE and it’s community to be close reach – Not only this but to build a healthy mindset for all my future players and to not only improve them in the server but outside in life also.”


Header photo credit to Endpoint

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