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EPIC.LAN forced to rehome as KCC shuts for good

Ketting Conference Centre to shut its doors in May

by Adam Heath
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EPIC.LAN is being forced to find a new home for future events as the Kettering Conference Centre has announced it will be closing its doors for good in May. The venue that has held EPIC.LAN for the last ten years has reached the end of its venue days with both the sports hall and theatre shutting down next month.

As local reports are coming out it seems that the COVID lockdown and a slow bounce-back from it is the main reason the venue can no longer keep their doors open. The local effort from the council was made in the shape of a grant to try and keep the local theatre alive, but it still wasn’t deemed viable.

UKCSGO Community at EPIC.LAN 38

EPIC.LAN is no stranger to adapting to the times. Their transformation into online events during COVID, and their branching out into a tabletop-only event have seen them go from strength to strength, and their future at the KCC hasn’t always been set in stone. No doubt they have other venues in mind, it’s just a case of short notice availability to make Epic39 in July a reality.

EPIC.LAN has already taken to Twitter and Discord to confirm the closure of KCC, but also to confirm this is only a speed bump and that the events will continue with as little disruption as possible.

This is yet another blow for what’s been a horrible run of luck for EPIC.LAN, but with the never-ending support from the community and competitive scene, and the “never-say-die” attitude of their staff, EPIC.LAN will continue writing its legacy in the UK Esports history books.

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