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CSGO announced at Insomnia Gaming Festival i69

Lots of time between now and the event to get signed up

by Adam Heath

Insomnia Gaming Festival has announced that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be returning to i69 this August. This early announcement is in response to feedback from i68 where only a few weeks separated the tournament announcement and the event taking place. This was cited as a large reason why the turnout for what’s usually the most popular tournament at iSeries was so low.

i68 was an event plagued with issues right from the start of the CSGO tournament, but iSeries are taking huge steps forward to rectify those issues and improve upon one of the largest open offline tournaments the UK has to offer. In a statement on the company’s website, they detailed that the main complaints from i68 will be addressed for i69 including better tournament servers, improved tournament format, and more money available for the prize pool weighted to tournament signups.

Changes for i69:

We had lots of solid feedback about our i68 tournaments and we are making various changes for the next event to ensure that the tournament beats expectations including investing in a higher quality server solution and a simpler, cleaner qualifier format and higher prize weighting to the top teams.

This tournament has a scaling prize pool which has a base level which we guarantee to pay out with at least 8 teams, and increased pools as more teams enter!

The tournament will have a £5,000 base prize pool which will increase to £6,250 should the tournament sellout and reach 64 registered teams.

More information on the event can be found on the Insomnia Gaming Festival BYOC Esports page

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