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cryths on JackB: “He’s probably better than all of us”

cryths talks about emps kid's unstoppable run in EPIC36 and his hopes to defend his EPIC.LAN crown.

by arnie

Everyone knows that on LAN if you aren’t screaming, you aren’t winning. Rory “cryths” Ursell, has been doing an awful lot of both so far at EPIC36. Having been part of DUSTY, the Iceland team that won the previous iteration, cryths is looking to defend his crown with a mix of some of the best players in the UK talent pool. Luckily for UKCSGO, cryths hasn’t completely destroyed his voice box, yet. So I was able to catch him for a chat after their upper bracket semi-final win over Temperate.

You have played with both EU and UK teams and even won the last EPIC.LAN with DUSTY. What are the differences between playing in an EU team and a UK team?

It’s a bit more broken English, I think the communication lacks in EU teams. I think in DUSTY it was weird like the communication was there but the chemistry wasn’t.

You were kicked straight after winning EPIC.LAN with DUSTY, did you know going into the LAN that you were going your separate ways or was it a bit of a shock?

It was a surprise. There was a bit of conflict after LAN, I said it was kind of a fluke and wanted to change things up. I think because they have been top of their scene for a while they didn’t like someone coming in and changing it up. I felt like the way we played was wrong, it was out of meta and could easily be abused. So we had a conflict about that, though I don’t think it was a conflict, we had a good talk about that. Then I got kicked before our Main (ESEA League) game… I got told to check discord by the owner.

What’s it like working with EMPEROR?

I’ve been working with emp for about three or four months. Good old man, if there’s someone you want to go to its him. He always helps out, he can do whatever, if you need help he can do it. He’s genuinely just one of the kindest people in the scene.

Within the mix you are playing in at the moment, who do you think has the most potential to take the next step-up?

Jack Burton, JackB. 100%. When the guy puts hours into the game he’s unreal, he’s probably better than all of us.

You pretty much rolled Temperate, especially on map one. They are one of the other favourites, is there any reason you matched up well against them?

We had zero pressure, we are a mix, they practice five or six times a week for four or five hours. We don’t do anything. So there’s no pressure, no org to impress or anything we can just turn up and have fun. I think we also have better individuals.

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