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Playing for a Jägerbomb?

During a half-time tactical pause, two opposing teams decided to do shots together.

by Dafydd

At a LAN, things can get out of hand. There can be screaming, there can be shouting, and there have even been fights. But in the quarter-finals of the EPIC36 intermediate tournament, there was an incredible show of unity between the two competing teams. Instead of playing on at full force, both teams decided they would take a tactical pause, and enjoy some Jägerbombs at the bar together.

It all started when, naturally, both teams were getting the atmosphere going in the Fair Isle hall, shouting and revelling in banter back and forth across the room, the players were typing and one of them pointed out that he was thirsty. After a few continued shouts and then some messages in the server, both teams agreed to take a tactical pause. Then, all ten of the players made their way to the bar and one player bought eight Jägerbombs, with the remaining two players deciding to enjoy a pint. After all thirsts were quenched and everybody was satisfied, they all journeyed back to their desks to fulfil the requirements of the match.

A dramatic recreation of the mid-game moment.

The fun didn’t stop there, as one of the teams decided to take it a step further by switching between their PCs. So as the second half of the quarter-final began, most of the players weren’t using their own setups. The game ended 16-12, but in reality the result is less important than the camaraderie of the players in having a drink together mid-game.

It is, however, important to mention that the inters tournament has no prize pool, and is a fun tournament for the teams that went out in groups to pass the remainder of their time at LAN.

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