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Insomnia tickets increase, Copenhagen Games postponed indefinitely

The UK Counter-Strike scene has been eager to sink it’s teeth into LAN events since the lifting of COVID restrictions last year. In October, EPIC.LAN...

Kanny: “We want to come back to the UK, we’ll hold our hands up and admit our mistake”.

Between some of the playoff matches at EPIC.LAN, Coalesce’s owner and director of esports, Sam ‘Kanny‘ Hollinrake, spoke to UKCSGO about past decisions and how...

Rhys: “I don’t think I’ll be coming back to playing.”

Having announced his move from playing to coaching, eMasters’ new coach, Rhys “Rhys” Stumbles sat down with UKCSGO’s Elliot “stoick” Meccano-Thomas, to discuss the possible...

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