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volt: “I don’t know what happened after the first map, some divine intervention”

When Fnatic Academy was disbanded it was unknown territory for Sebastian “volt” Malos. Many thought he would be snapped up by an international team, potentially...

CYPHER: “My throat’s gone. I’m fucking dying. I can’t believe it.”

Many believed they wouldn’t make the RMR, and they did. Many believed they wouldn’t make the Major, and they did. Many believed they wouldn’t get...

Thomas: “If the Lord lets us line it up properly, we definitely have a shot at going through”

Into the Breach are already history makers, but can they take it a step further? Thomas “Thomas” Utting and company could become the first ever...

eMy “We weren’t expecting to win it, let’s be honest, they’ve been pretty unreal”

eMasters have suffered from their own successful run as they lost Marco “MMS” Salomone to Viperio and Beau “fluFFs” Newton decided to hang up his...

papp on Coaching at LAN: “You do sort of wish you were playing”

XRAVEL have caught the attention of the scene in their short time together, posting the a 11-1 record in ESEA Main, making the BEYOND UKIC...

BLVKHVND call on Extinct & Tadpole

Kirk ‘Tadpole” Stephens and Matas “Extinct” Strumila bolster the ranks of BLVKHVND, just weeks prior to the commencement of ESL Premiership Autumn 2022.  In a...

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