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7AM finalize super team – take 2

A Bulgarian duo arrive to put an end to 7AM's roster tribulations.

by Joshampton

It seems like just last month we announced Team 7AM’s new roster. Unfortunately, the team the ambitious UK org hoped would end a period of instability was hit with another exit just days later. Fortunately, they have promptly secured a new 5th in the form of Bulgarian rifler Viktor “Duplicate” Mitev, who joins alongside fellow Bulgarian and coach Kaloyan “POP0V” Popov completing the lineup once more.

Duplicate, whose most recent stint with Partizan (and ex-Partizan) ended back in April 2023, will hope to prove himself once again in this UK-European combine. He has garnered a respectable 1.0 rating on HLTV across almost a thousand maps, a bulk of which were played during his most lengthy tenure at SKADE from 2020-21. The Bulgarian and his squad racked up first place finishes at REPUBLEAGUE S1, European Development Championship S3 and the William Hill Cup, amongst others, a feat in which 7AM would hope to replicate with this experience-filled squad.

7AM’s new coach, POP0V, comes with a plethora of IGL background, gaining most prominence in lower circuits with Ooredoo Thunders who were just short of reaching the Blast.tv Paris Major Asia RMR back in February. His playing career also brought him to the UK briefly with a stint alongside Kyle “swaggy” Wilson on Royals in late 2020. POP0Vย was also registered as a coach for BSMPEEK, a brief Bulgarian mix which Duplicate was a part of, his first coaching position.

Starting out as the JACK3D core, James “bevve” Slinn and William “dobbo” Dobson are the last to remain of the original line-up, due to a combination of personal reasons and offers elsewhere. Ro1f had even left the rebuilding 7AM squad during it’s early stages for an academy project, but returned when that project fizzled out. Shortly following 7AM’s announcement on 20 October, Ro1f would depart the roster again, this time to join GODSENT, playing his first official match with the Swedish squad just three days after officially “joining” Team 7AM.

bevveย will no doubt hope this brings an end to he and 7AM’s unceasing misfortune, as with their line-up complete they look to make a serious impact in the international scene.

The final 7AM roster looks as follows:

James โ€œbevveโ€ Slinn
William โ€œdobboโ€ Dobson
Dimitriy โ€œSENSEiโ€ Shvorak
Ivan โ€œchoiv7โ€ Zivkovic
Viktor “Duplicate” Mitev

Kaloyan “POP0V” Popov (coach)

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