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volt discharged; keita re-signed

Today, fnatic announced that they are pausing their fnatic Rising academy programme to allow all players on the roster to pursue new opportunities. Alongside this,...

Vitalize enters CS:GO

Earl “Earl” Stephenson and Seth “Xeth” Jackson had their European debut in season 43 sporting a majority of Benelux players in the form of Alan...

One to watch in 2023: Wolfie

Andrew “Wolfie” Allan came from humble beginnings at the start of his competitive CS:GO career. Once a young upstart in the local scene in Scotland,...

Royals crown their newest coach

Royals have announced that their current coach, Andy “Mythix” Shek will be moving from his position into a more background-oriented role within the team. This...

Shaney Returns

The core of Sorex, Alex “f0cus” James and Michael “ZAL” Chapman have played together both formally and casually over the past few years, in various...

Warwick Chillblast Champions Crowned

Last month, Warwick University Esports announced their partnership with Chillblast in the form of a £2000 CS:GO Championship for UK students, taking advantage of the...

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