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7thCore sign RalphyChickenBalls

The British organisation enters CS:GO once more, this time dipping their toes in ESEA Main.

by meffew

7thCore has announced their newest CS:GO team, who have been playing under the name RalphyChickenBalls. Headlining the core from the roster who played under K10 at the end of last year in ESEA Main and EPIC.LAN 37, Shea “pieface” Reilly, Matthew “moz” Gelder and Ethan “Carterlad10” Carter will continue where they left off in Main and will attend the upcoming EPIC.LAN in February under the new banner.

During their stint with K10, the team managed to keep their heads above the tides in Main and narrowly missed out on relegation, recording a 6W-8L scoreline in the regular season. Decisions to rebuild were finalised after a disappointing result at EPIC.LAN at the end of October, where they placed 9-12th overall. The two players on the chopping block were Jack “JackB” Burton, who has since decided to focus on other goals, and Ryan “pr0xje” Skene, who made the choice to take an indefinite leave from competitive CS:GO.

The aforementioned duo were two of the heavier hitters in the squad, putting plenty of pressure on the two prospective replacements. These additions come in the form of Connel “Ralphy” Ralph and Adrian “Cha0s” Zeilinski. Ralphy has played with pieface and Carterlad10 on and off over many years, and is known as a very reliable choice when it comes to being responsible with the big green. Cha0s has played many seasons in Main already, with his most recent achievement being a top 4 placing at EPIC.LAN 37, besting the team now known as the Arctic Raptors for the privilege of his first outing on HLTV.

UKCSGO asked pieface for his thoughts on this new roster:

Ralphy is obviously someone I’ve played with for a long time who is 100% committed to the game and is clearly very talented, which obviously is a massive plus for us. With Cha0s, he’s someone I’ve spent the last year or two playing against and I know he is a very good player – which has been demonstrated by his start to this season.”

These changes have paid off so far, with 7thCore currently 2-0 in Main, notably besting their previous organisation K10 in a 16-14 victory on Nuke. Their next ESEA match is scheduled for Tuesday the 24th at 7:30 GMT against kyoto.

7thCore will be competing in ESEA and EPIC.LAN 38 with the following five:

Shea “pieface” Reilly
Matthew “moz” Gelder
Adrian “Cha0s” Zeilinski
Ethan “Carterlad10” Carter
Connel “Ralphy” Ralph

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