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Havik Esports complete their roster

After roster issues plagued the team throughout the last season, Havik finally find their final five.

by meffew

Havik Esports have announced their new roster going into season 44 of ESEA, picking up the international prospects of Alexander “alx” Johansson and Oskar “oskvr” Myszka. They join Igor “Igorek” Kochany and Spencer “Vizion” Brough under the leadership of Elliott “fett1s” Fettis in their journey through ESEA Main.

The core of Havik Esports first found themselves playing ESEA Open as a mix team, with no further intentions, due to limited time for practice. Fielding Harry “haznoodle” Rubython and oskvr, the team battled their way through the turbulent tides of the Open’s wide skill level to earn themselves a ticket into the playoffs after putting up an 8W-4L record. They then went on to win 4 consecutive Bo3s to secuire their promotion into Main, serving as a catalyst for the conception of the core known today as Havik.

In season 43, the team went through some hardships due to roster moves during the regular season. Fredrik “fredde” Soderqvist was dropped due to motivational issues, which meant the boys in blue were relegated to using a stand-in for their remaining games. This would have been remedied by sourcing a new fifth player for the remainder of the season, however this was delayed due to haznoodle also leaving the team because of work commitments with his new job. This meant they had virtually zero practice for their next matches, fortunately they stayed afloat and ended the season with a comfortable 7W-7L record, securing their place in Main for season 44.

The signings of oskvr and alx look to put and end to the period of instability for this roster, with both players having a handful of experience in Main themselves. With a completed roster and a new season ahead of them, UKCSGO reached out to fett1s for a few words about his aspirations and goals for the new roster:

I am really impressed with the addition of oskvr and alx to our team, since its been a sudden increase in firepower, alx helps a lot with calling from across the map and, with vizion also having good input, the team meshes really well. I feel like with igor and oskvr taking fights in a structured system with the right support it would really allow us to win a lot of games off of individual skill. I expect us to make playoffs now considering in our last season we went 7-7 with a lot of roster turmoil.

Havik Esports will field the following five:

Elliott “fett1s” Fettis
Spencer “Vizion” Brough
Igor “Igorek” Kochany
Alexander “alx” Johansson
Oskar “oskvr” Myszka

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