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UKCSGO Weekly Tournament return
Veloce Esports Expand Into CSGO
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Insomnia65 UKCSGO stream with ReaperSteve

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April 23, 2020

UKCSGO Weekly Tournament return

It’s back! The UKCSGO Weekly Tournament will be start again tomorrow at 7pm. Same time, very new location.

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April 22, 2020

Back at it again!

It’s been a quiet 6 months from us here at UKCSGO, and for good reason.  As you can see we’ve had a bit of a face lift. While there was nothing wrong with the old look of the site, it had gone unchanged for almost four years, so a change was long overdue.

With this new look for the site we’re turning registration back on. The commenting software we were using before that scraped from social media replies was discontinued about three years ago so we took a copy of that code and tried to keep it up to date and working but it fast became far more work that it was worth due to the speed at which social media changes and grows. This means that if you had an [...]

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August 14, 2019

epicLAN announce Grosvenor Championship Season 3

epicLAN have announced the dates and venues for their Grosvenor Championship season 3 with some changes that should settle some of the negatives reported in Season 2.

This season we will see epicLAN travel to four Grosvenor Casino locations, Cardiff, Manchester, Coventry and London for their qualifiers, were two teams will progress into the finals as well as walking away with £750 for first place and £250 for second place. Each event is locked to eight teams maximum and spaces in some venues are selling out fast.

This year’s finals will be hosted at a currently unannounced location, and see the winning team walk away with £4000 after a two day event. The removal [...]

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August 2, 2019

Insomnia65 UKCSGO stream with ReaperSteve

With Insomnia65 drawing closer, I’d like to announce something new UKCSGO will be doing this event. It is something we trailed almost completely by accident last event and after it’s success, we decided to try and make it a permanent fixture for this event. This feature is a UKCSGO stream covering the BYOC CSGO tournament.

Many people were upset about Insomnia’s change to their broadcasting which saw only one official stream being utilised to cover all events taking place. In the later stages of the CSGO tournament we setup a stream so people could watch some games that weren’t being covered and it turned out to be very popular, even though we had no [...]

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