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7AM return to UK core with Adam9130 signing

The experienced in-game leader reunites with three of his EPICLAN-winning team-mates from last year.

by Tom Coles

Adam “Adam9130” Ahmad has been announced as the new in-game leader for Team 7AM. The move reunites him with William “dobbo” Dobson and sees 7AM return to a UK core.

Adam9130 is a notable figure not only within the UKCS scene but European CS in general. He has previously competed under the banners of Vexed Gaming, GamerLegion and Into the Breach since 2018, often teaming with dobbo in the process. He won EPIC.39 with dobbo and James “bevve” Slinn on mix team The Neighbours, before taking a step back from full-time Counter-Strike after Into the Win disbanded. Adam9130 did rear his head recently, standing in for Raptors EC as their IGL at EPIC LAN 40, taking home the crown.

Team 7AM and roster changes have become synonymous over the last few months, though it should be stressed that not all of those changes were voluntary. Dobbo and bevve are the only two that remain from the initial five announced last October. Since they have been joined by the Bulgarian duo Viktor “Duplicate” Mitev and Slaven “AwaykeN” Lubyanov. The former replaced Kalle “Ro1f” Johansson when the Swede joined GODSENT shortly after the initial announcement; the latter joined in December after Dmitriy “SENSEi” Shvorak was banned by ESIC for match-fixing and his contract summarily terminated.

Adam9130 replaces Ivan “choiv7” Živković as the team’s caller; the Serb and organisation parted ways in December after a difficult ESEA season that saw the squad retain an Advanced spot by the skin of their teeth.

Adam9130 and Team 7AM will aim for a first RMR appearance, both for player and organisation, with the Englishman’s experience and familiarity with his teammates likely to be key to their goals.

Team 7AM are now:

William “dobbo” Dobson
James “bevve” Slinn
Viktor “Duplicate” Mitev
Slaven “AwaykeN” Lubyanov
Adam “Adam9130” Ahmad

Kaloyan “POP0V” Popov (Coach)

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