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Another day another Raptors roster change 2: electric boogaloo

The new Raptors EC roster has decided to change two players.

by Tom Coles

Last year the Raptors Esports Club gained a reputation for their frequent roster changes with their former lineup, and now just 13 days after signing a new roster, they’ve made more.

First, rifler Adrian “Cha0s” Zielinski announced he’d parted ways with the team “after a short and interesting time at Raptors” and now, Lorenzo “LTH Venanzi has also left the team. This leaves the in-game leader and AWPer Connor “Finui” Finucane searching for two new players ahead of season 48. It’s currently unclear who will replace the two players as Raptors commence trials for the spots.

LTH mentioned the team’s construction during his interview with us at EPICLAN, though it underwent changes before signing with Raptors, notably becoming a majority-UK project instead of an international one. Now the upset merchant finds himself on the sidelines once again.

The team went 6-6 in Main this season, so they retained their spot without troubling the play-off positions. Interestingly, next season they may face the former Raptors EC roster, after the latter was relegated from Advanced with a 2-10 record. The new Raptors team did not compete in season 0 of the UKIC League, nor any other tournaments since their short time together so far.

Raptors are now:

Igor “Igorek” Kochany
Connor “Finui” Finucane
Tuomas “Lyd” Tölli

Szymon “deuce” Czapiewski (coach)

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