Bulldog Esports pick up old faces

by orclSeptember 24, 2017

Bulldog Esports have been without a UK CSGO team for a number of months, however they have today announced that they are taking a chance on a new UK side. Comprised of a mix of old faces, the roster boasts talent formerly seen representing some of the big names in UK Esports.

The Bulldog Esports press release acknowledges the team as “underdogs” that “will be starting off again from the bottom.” Whether this is inspiring pragmatism or simply caution as to not overstate the roster’s talent will soon become clear. Regardless of history, the majority of the team members appear to be fresh out of retirement and hence their expected performance remains an unknown. Whilst the players in question are individually capable of great things, it remains to be seen how they will perform together as a new roster.

Fisher is now part of the new Bulldog Esports lineup

When asked to comment on this, team captain Liam “Ebanks” Ebanks had this to say:

we joined Bulldogs

While not the most compelling of statements, you can’t fault him on his accuracy. But in the interest of getting a bit more of an insight in this move we reached out to Elliot “eHM” Marks and he had this to say:

The whole concept of this new team came around when mine and Ebanks’ old team folded. He knew ex-CAZ teammate Tankey was interested in making a come back to the scene and through that the team was formed due to his links with Chance and Fisher whom I’ve played with since the golden days of CS:S. Upon our early games we noticed both potential and drawbacks in our play, resulting in position changes to match players like Tankey and Chance together. Once these issues were clear and we started noticing the results, we began searching for an organisation to represent. We had a few offers due to the experience provided within the team and today we woke up with the joyous email from Bulldog Esports. After a quick discussion we fairly quickly decided this would be a good opportunity as well as a reputable organisation to represent and play under, given their history within the scene, and we’d like to do nothing more but give them 110% and improve more on what they’ve already made.

It has not yet been announced if the team will be participating at the upcoming epic 22 LAN event in October.

Bulldog Esports are:

Liam “Ebanks” Ebanks
Elliot “eHM” Marks
Phillip “Tankey” Hunt
Tim “chancE” Chance
James “fisheR” Fisher

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