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Chinese streamer attracts large audience to EPIC.LAN Lower Bracket Final

by Dafydd

The halls of Kettering Leisure Village are no stranger to virality. Last year, when a shittalker lost a game from chatting shit instead of defusing, it made the ESL main stream and went viral on Twitter. This time around, the attraction is all based around the Chinese team Soul’s Land, who have come in and stamped their mark on UK CS in a very short timeframe, first qualifying for Division 1. They are currently making their UK LAN debut at EPIC40, facing off against British team K10 in the lower bracket final. Having beaten flowstate to make it to this point, the international team got themselves each a profile on HLTV.

But that is only the beginning of their story.

Their recent success at EPIC.LAN has put them on the radar of a famous Chinese streamer named Machine who streams on the platform “douyu.com” As the first map drew to a close, rumblings started spreading around the Conference Centre that the Kettering based tournament had more live eyes on it than ever before.

After verifying this was the case, people were astonished at the number of viewers watching an EPIC.LAN Lower Bracket Final game. A huge audience had their eyes on the local UK CS tournament. This is a huge number for EPIC.LAN, with the official stream only having around 100 viewers.

*The way that this site tracks it’s viewership is mainly unknown with the “fire” amount being the only indication, nobody has been able to verify the amount of viewers to the fire rating.

EPIC.LAN is no stranger to publicity, but surely this tops it all.

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