Choke Gaming deny MnM

by Michael MoriartyAugust 30, 2015

Choke Gaming have sent MnM home defeating them 2-0 in the lower bracket semi-finals. Choke won the series 2-0 (16-5 & 16-2) after being dropped into the lower bracket by Reason Gaming a few rounds ago.

This match was plagued with controversy before it even started. Originally in the bracket, Reason were supposed to go up against the winner of Choke Gaming -v- Curse These Metal Hands, and MnM to head up against the winners of CeX -v- uFRAG. After the admins noted that they couldn’t change the brackets earlier (for example so that EZSkins wouldn’t go up against ALL4 again in the second round upper brackets) for fear of the software breaking, this left numerous people confused and understandably angry over it.

However, Reason Gaming also beat CeX 2-0 in their game so it is a Reason -v- Choke Lower Bracket Final so once again we will see these two teams play off against each other for a chance to get into the consolidation final which will be against Infused.

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  1. ALL4maxy

    teams in the middle of the pack have been putting up with this shit forever… the only reason people even listened this time is because the top few teams complained.. asif we needed any more proof that iseries doesn’t give a shit about the integrity of their tournaments but walk home with a shit ton of money.

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