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epic.LAN gets new sponsor, guaranteed £1000 minimum prize pool

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epic.LAN, the LAN event hosted in Kettering every few months has today announced that they have a new sponsor for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament at epic.EIGHTEEN that is sure to draw in the best teams from around the UK in order to compete for fame, glory and the lion’s share of a prize pool.

CRISPsrv, the server company that has been sponsoring a lot of well-known names around the UK scene for a while now (including Reason Gaming, Rasta and UKCSGO.com to name a few) has decided to partner with the LAN event and provide a massive £1000 minimum prize pool, which is a step up from epic.SEVENTEEN, where sponsor Element Gaming helped boost the final prize pool to £3k.

Luke Derbyshire, Managing Director of CRISPsrv had some words to say about the partnership and why they’re getting involved:

“It is great to be able to sponsor the CS:GO tournament at epic.LAN. Most people already know that our aim is to revive the UK scene, to support it and to grow it back to its former days. We believe that sponsoring an iconic esports event such as epic.LAN just proves our commitment to the scene.”

UKCSGO.com also contacted the eSports Manager of epic.LAN, Tom “Gumpster” Gumbleton, to find out more about the partnership:

“After the CS:GO Scene in the UK had supported us so well at epic.SEVENTEEN, it has been our priority to get more sponsors on board to help our tournaments reach the full potential. We are also looking at more ways to help the CS:GO scene in general in the UK, and we are humbled by people who continually speak highly of our LAN event. We really hope people enjoy the partnerships we bring to the table and hopefully Luke and CRISPsrv can be a partnership that we can develop.”

With this news coming out 3 months before epic.EIGHTEEN, we can be sure to expect some more exciting news coming from the epic.LAN team in the near future, stay tuned to ukcsgo.com to find out the latest news as it breaks. Make sure you head to the epic.EIGHTEEN landing page for more information on tickets to the LAN, and activities there.

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