epic23: Elimination Stage

by Thomas FosterFebruary 24, 2018

The Elimination Stage is well underway powering through the Saturday at EpicLAN. As the event progresses through the day we see teams being sent through the upper bracket and teams falling short and fighting their way through the lower brackets. The Upper Quarter Finals are as follows:

Bulldog Mix (20) ProjectX
(1611, 169)

The Last Resort (02) Stickmen
(1016, 616)

Stif CeX With Joe (21) EnclaveCSGO
(1416, 169, 1613)

Fish123 (21) Boys, Beers, Bmagic
(166, 165)

The winners of this set of matches are to go against one another in the Upper Semi-Finals. Working their way through the system to reach that Upper Final which is to be played at around 5 PM. However, this is subject to change due to the timing of other games finishing.

Upper Semi-Finals results are:

Bulldog Mix (20) Stickmen

 Stif CeX (12) Fish123
(?-?, ?-?, ?-?)

From there the victorious teams teams moved to the Upper Bracket Final, of which the winner would move straight to the Grand Final on Sunday.

Bulldog Mix (02) Fish123
(1611, 165)

Lower Bracket

For those teams who were eliminated in the Upper Quarter Finals were sent down to the Lower Quarter Finals. The finalised scores are:

Boys, Beers, Bmagic (10) FANCYABUM??

EnclaveCSGO (10) CeX

Cryptick (10) The Last Resort

ProjectX (10) Norfolk Enchants

Progressing into the third round of the lower brackets being the Lower Consolidation 2. Winners of these games will see themselves move into the Lower Semi-Finals.

Boys, Beers & Bmagic (12) EnclaveCSGO

Cyptick (02) ProjectX
(?-?, ?-?)

From there, the victorious teams from the Lower Consolidation 2 matches would move to the Lower Semi Final alongside the fallen sides from the Upper Bracket Semi-Finals.

Stickmen (12) Enclave
(?-?, ?-?, ?-?)

Stif CeX With Joe (20) ProjectX
(?-?, ?-?)

These results left us with the first of the Lower Bracket Finals, from which the victor will go to the consolidation final before Sunday’s Grand Final.

Enclave (02) Stif CeX With Joe
(?-?, ?-?)

This left us with the actual Lower Bracket Final, from which the victor would go through to the Grand Final later on Sunday. This would be the first time the two teams met each other in the tournament.

Bulldog Mix (20) Stif CeX
(1614, 165)

Grand Final

This meant the Grand Final was set to be between Bulldog Mix and fish123. Full coverage of that game will be released in it’s own separate post later today, just after the Final ends.

You can follow all the CS:GO action on the EpicLAN1 stream. Also throughout the event, us at UKCSGO will be posting content following the progression of the event. As well as the match scores being updated on here you can follow the teams on the EpicLAN Tournament Brackets.

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