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epic26: Final Standings

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epic26 is over, and we have our final standings. THE LDN SLAYERS have become the champions and head home with the £2700 top prize.

It was the LDN SLAYERS who took the title, after securing a 2-1 victory over London Esports, their obvious target. The two teams traded blows over all three maps, and having lost the second the SLAYERS had to keep composure to push on to Overpass and secure the win. This means they’ll take home £2700 from the overall £5250 prize pool.

Final Standings

If seeded, the team’s seed is in brackets next to their name.

1st: LDN SLAYERS (2) – £2700 + Tickets to epic27
2nd: London Esports (1) – £1450 + Discounted epic27 Tickets
3rd: reflex.EU (3) – £850 + Discounted epic27 Tickets
4th: CeX Esports (5) – £250 + Discounted epic27 Tickets

5th-6th: Revelation Gaming (6)
5th-6th: Water Walkers (11)
7th-8th: Fierce Esports (4)
7th-8th: 7.2andbelow (7)

9th-12th: SenseiScottJohn (9)
9th-12th: Horus eSports (10)
9th-12th: Demise (12)
9th-12th: NEDS (8)

13th-16th: Madeeka Down Under (24)
13th-16th: Madeeka.fe (21)
13th-16th: WhatAboutColdzera (22)

17th-24th: De Novo Gaming
17th-24th: IGI Esports (14)
17th-24th: Team Sausage (20)
17th-24th: Ben Price (15)
17th-24th: Smiley Popcorn 
17th-24th: Suns Out Guns Out (23)
17th-24th: Madeeka U12s (19)
17th-24th: Rat Pack (16)

25th-32nd: WTAMB
25th-32nd: Team Exillium (18)
25th-32nd: Judith’s Money Crew
25th-32nd: Atmoz Esports
25th-32nd: UTMadeeka (13)
25th-32nd: Entropia
25th-32nd: $eaworldgng
25th-32nd: PotShots

33rd-43rd: g0id squad (17)
33rd-43rd: The Handsome Cats
33rd-43rd: Daddies Darlings
33rd-43rd: Ibiza Ready
33rd-43rd: Blackout Gaming
33rd-43rd: Aura eSports
33rd-43rd: TrueDauntless
33rd-43rd: Lastminutegamers
33rd-43rd: Regime.GG
33rd-43rd: Prodeji
33rd-43rd: Grouped CeX

With epic26 over, the next major BYOC LAN in the UK will most likely be Insomnia64 between April 19th – 22nd, although details for the event are yet to be announced. Before then, the turn-up-and-play epicLAN Grosvenor CS:GO Championships will start up on March 3rd in Manchester. Online, the ESL Premiership will continue tomorrow night with the third week of play.

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