epicEIGHTEEN: Final Standings

by Adam HeathJune 20, 2016

Another great weekend has come to an end at Kettering Conference Centre, and it is time to release the epicEIGHTEEN final standings.

The original plan for the tournament was for just the top 2 teams of each group to go through, but after an uproar from some teams it was amended to make a 16 team knockout stage. Normally this would cause panic as time is always a factor at epicLAN, but the tournament ran more or less to schedule throughout the weekend.

It was a weekend of highs and lows; some teams soared past their seed, and others failed to meet the expectations set by their seed. Thanks to the tournament sponsors, CRISPsrv and Unikrn, this tournament had a £3,000 prize pool split between the top 4 teams. First place claimed £1,725 and free tickets to epicNINETEEN. Second place got £875 with a discount on epicNINETEEN tickets. Third place also got discounted tickets along side £300 cash. Finally fourth place got £100 in the bank, but no discount.

epicEIGHTEEN final standings

Place Team Roster Seed
1st Rasta Gaming robiin, kryptix, CRUC1AL, mole, aaron 1st
2nd Perilous Gaming  SpeedyG, ALIG, ZEO, Sliggy, MiGHTYMAX 5th
3rd Team Infused  Redsnk, Joee, dream, Roma, Jenko8  2nd
4th uFrag  adamxoxo, JT, Esio, Jak3y, Powell 4th
5th-6th Molotovs N Marshmallows  fearLess, Berty, EB, chronic, maxyB 3rd
5th-6th exceL eSports  GhosT, EMPEROR, KoRaL, Outy, calv1n 7th
7th-8th playhackz cookeh, HoodluM, dUdley, archer, m1tch 6th
7th-8th Impulse Gaming White wave, nukeddog, kplus, wafu, xpecx  N/A
9th-12th  Exertus eSports  doxcs, Rexplite, Edgarz, m1thy, redgar N/A
9th-12th RødGrødMFløde  Jacky, alexsomfan, thamlike, jzprG, Ruuulz N/A
9th-12th Odin eSports  MontSta, 5haBo, Kai, Dm_God, ShadowmaN N/A
9th-12th Limitless Nation  KEHZUH, oakmerch, Koagu, Hawkins, Synzo N/A
13th-16th Old Dirty Badgers  GabrieL, Ollz, Vicious, Elk, LynXeh N/A
13th-16th VATIC  PEZ, K1NDEADLY, Pommey, RIXJ-, h0rsey  8th
13th-16th  Bizzle  kallehlol, Ibbsy, BreaK, MESA, Reverential N/A
13th-16th Devine eSports  paraAsite, Trials, l0renzo, Daffernn, SDK N/A
Rasta Gaming claim first place at epicEIGHTEEN

Rasta Gaming claim first place at epicEIGHTEEN

So there you have it, the top 16 teams of epicLAN. However, this doesn’t bring us to the end of our epicEIGHTEEN coverage. We still have a couple of videos left to edit which we will be releasing later this week, so keep an eye out for those.

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