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epicEIGHTEEN: uFrag take on Perilous

by Archive

At these UK CS:GO events we are no stranger to close games, overtimes and rounds going down to the wire. That is pretty much the summary of the round two upper bracket game between uFrag and the Perilous side, which saw a triple overtime on map one and a full thirty round game on map two.
The first map opened with the Perilous side off to a winning start, sitting pretty at six rounds to nil on the favourable CT side of Train.  At this point, the rounds started to slip away for the winning side, and despite their efforts the round difference had soon closed in with uFrag only two rounds behind at 6 – 4.
At this point, the gamepl

ay was halted for a short period due to the uFrag skipper feeling unwell, giving both sides a little time to recuperate their thoughts before the game progressed. However, with their in game leader not feeling fully up to scratch, it was evident that the unfortunate pause had cost the terrorist side a great deal of their momentum – something they had spent the last 4 rounds building upon.
The first half of map one ended with a 10-5 lead in favour of Perilous, who despite being ahead would likely have been slightly disappointed with conceding 5 rounds on the better half of the map.
The second half progressed as an inverse of the first, with uFrag running away with the rounds and levelling the score line up at 10 – 10. Back and forth rounds eventually saw the game almost tied up with uFrag just one round away from taking map one, however a well executed A site take from Perilous saw them keep themselves in the game, securing what would be the first of many overtimes.
With each overtime, the game looked as near as over within the first half. However, in each instance the opposition always clawed their way back in and eventually the uFrag side managed to take the map.
Map two, de_dust2, looked sure to be going the way of the Perilous side with a nine round advantage falling their way and uFrag left with just a single round. However, as always, a game pause was called – never a good sight for a team that have been rolling on strong. After the pause, the losing side began to stage their comeback with moderate success, and again rounds began falling each way.
It looked as if uFrag were not far from closing out the game with a full force push up to the A bombsite. That was until four of their players were decimated by a mid-air Nick “zeo” Jugjeewon with a MAG7 with a fantastic display of confidence and marksmanship. Many would have thought that such a round would have swung the game in Perilous’ favour, however uFrag did not seem deterred by their recent battering and rolled through the CT defence on the round that followed.
Eventually the game was down to a final B retake from the CT perilous side, a position they had found themselves in a few times – with no success.This final attempt was to be no different and well co-ordinated hold from the attackers saw the game and the series awarded to uFrag.

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