ESL Premiership: Week Three

by Michael MoriartyMarch 5, 2018

We lapsed on our coverage last week, but no fear for we have returned for Week Three, albeit in a shorter version. This time we’ll take a look at the action from the past two weeks, list the tables and give a small comment on the upcoming games. Simple stuff. In the time we’ve been gone: rosters have made slight moves, orgs have signed teams and games have been played.

The Teams

All of the rosters are sourced directly from the ESEA team pages. Coaches and Managers may be included.

  • Team Endpoint – MiGHTYMAX, Puls3, weber, AaroN, Luzuh, KRPYTIX, jakem, Adz 
  • Radix Esports – kpiz, neph, b0denmaster, ardiis, angry, J4ck, HypeIzback
  • Wind and Rain – Astroo, Kray, DANCEYZ, Frei, L1NK, nEiLZiNHo
  • Fish123 – Sliggy, tsack, robiin, batham, smooya, keita, Jenko, Surreal, Cosmeen
  • Enclave Gaming – SHEEKEY, SDK, Trials, wh1sk, Dream, Lumji, mrhui
  • Vexed Gaming UK – ozzy, quix, VANITY, pickles, truth, downie, hallzerk
  • Nuclear Storm Gaming – Ducky, xacty, Jake^^, Peggyyyyyy, Jak3y, Samwell, Rybak, Jba
  • Pats Money Crew – Crit, harryC, lainNy, LOLz, dox, blackie, Pat, NexFox
  • Luminary Esports – archer, Tesquo, adam9130, mase, lambi, OxxolinE
  • Epiphany Bolt UK – WolfY, Thomas, dOMM, elo, SHANEY

Week 1 Results


Team Endpoint 163 Epiphany Bolt UK (Nuke)
fish123 1915 Luminary Esports (Mirage)
Radix Esports 163 Nuclear Storm Gaming (Mirage)
Wind and Rain 165 Enclave Gaming (Mirage)


Radix Esports 167 Enclave Gaming (Mirage)
Wind and Rain 1416 Vexed Gaming UK (Inferno)
Team Endpoint 1613 Luminary Esports (Train)
fish123 165 Pats Money Crew (Inferno)

Week 2 Results


Team Endpoint 616 fish123 (Cobblestone)
Pats Money Crew 2219 Epiphany Bolt UK (Cache)
Radix Esports 1719 Wind and Rain (Cobblestone)
Vexed Gaming UK 164 Nuclear Storm Gaming (Mirage)


Wind and Rain 160 Nuclear Storm Gaming (Forfeit Win)
Vexed Gaming UK 164 Enclave Gaming (Cobblestone)
fish123 1611 Epiphany Bolt (Cobblestone)
Pats Money Crew 1416 Luminary Esports (Overpass)

With those results done, the only real shocks game in the way of MDL side Wind and Rain falling in a close game to Vexed Gaming UK, and a heavy defeat to Team Endpoint caused by fish123. That’s forgetting, of course, that fish123 are basically Epsilon, and they’re currently ranked 30 over on HLTV. However, those results still mean those sides are still in with a chance of qualifying for the ESL Premiership playoffs, and that they were the two potential top finishing teams in their respective groups. Talking of groups…

Current Standings

(As of 5th March 18:00 GMT. Sorting rules can be found in the rulebook, Rule 2.20)

Team Win Loss RD Points Team Win Loss RD Points
fish123 4 0 +30  12 Vexed UK 3 +26
Endpoint 2 1 +6 Wind and Rain  3 1 +27 9
Luminary  -5 Radix 2 1 +20 6
Pats Money Crew 2 -10 Enclave 0 3 -32 0
Epiphany Bolt UK -21 Nuclear Storm 0 3 -41 0

If the tables remain the exact same right to the end of the season (we’re only two weeks in!) fish123 and Vexed Gaming UK would be making their way straight to the Haymarket Theatre in Leicester for the finals. The teams that would join them would come from a playoff of the 2nd-4th place teams, with Wind and Rain playing either Luminary or Enclave and Endpoint playing Radix or Pats Money Crew. Of course, that’s all most likely going to change as the results come in.

Week Three Fixtures

So, as a new week begins the next eight fixtures are set to be played out. Returning to the ESL stream this week will be the familiar voices many have heard before, freshly back from IEM Katowice 2018, Jack “Jacky” Peters and Alex “Snodz” Byfield. Games begin at 7:00pm each night. Underneath each fixture will be a small preview from myself to how I believe the game will go down. Hold onto your hats.


7:00 PM – Team Endpoint -vs- Pats Money Crew
Endpoint are looking to bounce back after their defeat to the hands of Epsifish last week, and facing up against the fourth place team should be a perfect remedy for their issue. Would expect a 16-6 result, or one similar to their previous outings.

8:00 PM – Epiphany Bolt UK -vs- Luminary Esports
Epiphany Bolt are looking to climb the tables off the bottom, but with Luminary coming out with their well-oiled machine I can’t see that happening just yet. It’ll be a close match but Tesquo’s team will most likely come out on-top, 16-13.

9:00 PM – Radix Esports -vs- Vexed Gaming UK
Vexed are flying high at the top of Group B, and I don’t see that stopping with Radix. Although they’ll give them a run for their money, Vexed will keep on leading the championship against last season’s runners-up. 16-11.

10:00 PM – Nuclear Storm Gaming -vs- Enclave Gaming
The battle of the bottom is set to happen in Group B, and one of these teams will finally lift themselves off the bottom. With NSG effectively playing as a mix once again, I can’t see SHEEKEY and co. having too much of an issue against them. 16-8, sorry Ducky.


7:00 PM – Nuclear Storm Gaming -vs- Vexed Gaming UK
No matter the result on Monday, NSG will still not be able to match Vexed pound-for-pound at the top. Vexed should take a comfortable win, 16-3.

8:00 PM – Wind and Rain -vs- Radix Esports
This’ll be one of the closest matches of Week Three, as the two sides come in for the return fixture. It could easily go to overtime in this game, as it did before, but I’d plump for a close 16-14 win for Wind and Rain.

9:00 PM – Epiphany Bolt UK -vs- Pats Money Crew
The previous fixture went to overtime, but I think with a small bit of oil the Bolt should pick up their first win of the Premiership, albeit close. 16-13 for the Anglo-Scandinavian mix.

10:00 PM – fish123 -vs- Team Endpoint
It’s an absolute corker at the top of Group A. But seeing how the previous result went, I unfortunately can’t place too much hope on Endpoint’s shoulders. It should be much closer this time around, but I still think Epsilon123 will cement their lead at the top with a score in the 16-10 region.

That’s all from us this week, games kick off pretty soon after this article goes live, and all the action can be caught on the ESL CS:GO Twitch Channel.

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