ESL reveal further information on Pro League Finals

by GumpsterMarch 14, 2016

In what seems to be the current trend in the CS:GO community, ESL Europe have today announced via the CS:GO Subreddit further information regarding the ESL Pro-League Finals which head to London this May.

Ever since it was officially announced by the ESL Twitter last month, we and the rest of the CS:GO Community have been incredibly intrigued on where in London it would be held and whether the venue would be big, small or something unique. However in a turn of events, ESL have announced through the CS:GO Subreddit that the Pro-League Finals will head to Leicester for two days in May before heading to London.

The ESL Pro-League Finals will be hosting eight teams, four of which come from Europe and four from North America, which will have $500,000 in prize money being dished out at the Finals. It is currently Week 5 of the league season which has $250,000 spread across the online stage of the season. The final week of the normal online phase is scheduled for April 26th – 27th.

ESL Project Manager “crtmn” Nehr announced on CS:GO Subreddit this schedule:

Overall schedule of the event:
May 11th and 12th are the first two event days, not open to public
May 13th is one day off
May 14th and 15th are the last two event days, open to public

The same studios UK Premiership is broadcast from will be used for ESL Pro-League Finals (Credit: ESL UK Facebook)

The day off is cited for travel purposes between Leicester and London so that teams weren’t forced to play on a day where they could be travelling between the cities. The venue is still currently unannounced, and tickets are not for sale yet, however in the same thread, Alexander “crtmn” Nehr had said that these details would be announced “towards the end of the month”.

We will of course update people who are wanting to watch this event as and when we get details from ESL Europe. Please stay tuned to UKCSGO.com for all your latest news regarding the UK CS:GO Scene, events that take place in the UK, and any potential interviews and coverage of UK Players.

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