Esports Scotland announce second season of their Esports League

by Michael MoriartyApril 10, 2019

Esports Scotland have announced the second season of their Scottish Esports League. The online league, designed for teams based in Scotland, is yet to confirm a prize pool but will be featuring CS:GO as one of the main titles.

The second season of the Scottish Esports League sees CS:GO as one of four main titles, alongside Super Smash Bros: Ultimate, Rainbow Six: Siege, and Rocket League. The first season saw TPO.Esports Alba lift the title back in October at Esports Scotland’s BIG Fest, with the three-person core of the team having already re-signed up for this season headed up by well known Scot Craig “cthreestar” Ewart. The finals this time around are set to be held at the Resonate Gaming festival, at the SEC Glasgow on July 20th – 21st.

The season is set to commence on April 24th with the online qualifiers. These qualifiers are to be in a Swiss format, and are scheduled to stretch into May. According to the announcement from Esports Scotland, prize pools are still to be confirmed, with this information being “confirmed soon.” Sign-ups for the qualifiers are open now, with the tournament organised through Smash.gg.

The Scottish Esports League is the latest online esports offering to come to the UK for 2019. The ESL Premiership, who’s Spring season saw The Pensioners lift the title at the end of March, still has two more seasons to come later this year. Here at UKCSGO.com, we have restarted our weekly tournaments and even though we had a small hitch (who needs a weekly tournament to be every week anyway?) we return this Friday evening with 10,000 FACEIT points for the prize pool. So far, TPO.Esports Alba headline the sign-ups with 13 spaces remaining.

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