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exceL eSports release CSGO team

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exceL eSports have apparently released their CSGO team with immediate effect. The news was broken via Twitter, but not from the organisation, rather from one of their ex-players, Luke “EMPEROR” Ingram. While we have been reporting mostly on organisation dropping teams due to lack of time and funding, according to a source close to exceL the reasoning behind this move is quite the opposite. We understand that come the new year, exceL will be coming into some money via a private investor and so they are turning their signs on picking up a top UK team.

EMPEROR and co are on the search for a new home

The roster is sticking together despite being dropped from their organisation, and currently have their ear to the ground for any offers. If anyone is looking at picking up a UK CSGO team, they should contact EMPEROR via Twitter. Their current roster is:

Luke ‘EMPEROR‘ Ingram
Michael ‘GhosT‘ Armstrong
Kirstaps ‘Archer‘ Sarkans
Kory ‘Kryzih‘ Da Rocha-Hitt
Karl ‘KoRaL‘ Philip.


Upon the release of this article we were contacted by exceL eSports’ COO, Kieran Holmes-Darby, who denied the claims that there was a private investor behind the scenes of this move, and that they would be releasing a statement surrounding this team’s departure soon. We will update this article with the statement once it has been released.

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