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Farlig on EG: “If it was only two rosters, it would be healthy…”

GrimyRannarr spoke to Farlig after Astralis' victories over EG and MiBR.

by GrimyRannarr

We caught up with Asger “farlig” Jensen after his Astralis side trampled MiBR 16-6 in their second game of the Pinnacle group stage.


Firstly how are you feeling after that MiBR game?

I mean it is a Best of 1, so I think these games can get more complicated if you lose pistols rounds and anti ecos, or just one unlucky round – so I am happy we closed it out convincingly.


Looking at the EG line-up from yesterdays match, did you know that you were going to be playing this version of EG?

No we only found out yesterday evening.


I think there are a lot of players in North America who have potential, but I think it is really tough for them to develop.


How do you find these new players, do they have any potential?

Yes I definitely think they have potential, I think there are a lot of players in North America who have potential, but I think it is really tough for them to develop. The quality of the scrims and everything like that can be really tough.  I am not sure how it works now as they have signed with EG, if they can participate in tournaments where the other teams are playing.  So if they cannot, and only one EG roster can play in one NA tournament I think it might be really tough for them to get chances to present themselves and show their skills as players. 


Do you think these different rosters create tension between the 3 teams?

If it was only two rosters, it would be healthy, but as they have signed 3 rosters it is a lot.  I don’t know how you can feasibly keep track all the time of which team is the best and who to send to which tournament.  This team is the Party Astronauts team right, how do they decide to send them over Carpe Diem?


Going back to Astralis, you guys have recently spoken about struggling with defining roles, is that still a problem?

Yes we had a lot of conversations after the Major, then we had some more after we got knocked out of Dallas.  It is an ongoing conversation and process, but I think now we might have reached a point that especially on the T side we feel better about the roles and we are reaching a point where we can have a common philosophy about the game.  We have been a bit split about it up until this point.


Looking over at your performances from the Major and Dallas are you quite disappointed with those?

Yes, very.


And then is this a tournament where you want to start picking up the pieces?

Yeah, it is definitely something like that, especially after our last conversations we had in Dallas it might actually benefit the whole team, and the whole team might start playing better.  I definitely feel like we are on the right track, but still very disappointed in the last two tournaments for sure.


Are there any teams you want to play against to maybe prove yourself?

Not necessarily what teams we are playing against, but I just want us to place well, and the bare minimum expectation is playoffs, but we definitely want more.  We are still a roster that has yet to make that one good result so I think we as a roster are after that now, and not after any team specifically. It’s just proving that we can make a deeper run.


One last question, as the newest player in Astralis , did you find it nerve racking ?

No I did not think it was nerve racking, but I definitely feel like it was hard to situate myself in the team and adjusting myself to the team was harder than I imagined.  Nothing wrong with them but it’s just that we played really differently to my old team FPX.  It was definitely a fairly big adjusting period for me.  However at this stage any adjusting period should be over for me now. There wasn’t any added pressure from the organization or anything like that.


Astralis next take on Imperial in their first BO3 of the event.

Farlig image with credit to PGL and Joao Ferreira.

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