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GamerFest Spring 2024 preview

arTisT will be looking to hold onto his title.

by GrimyRannarr

Last year GamerFest announced Counter-Strike will be a part of their event for the first time, now, it is bigger and better.

Spiceboys lifting the GamerFest Fall 2023 trophy

Previously, GamerFest has had multiple game titles but only the finals would be played on LAN. At GamerFest Spring 2024, the focus is now fully on Counter-Strike and VALORANT, having semi-finals and Finals played in person.

On the 25th of May, Irish Counter-Strike will be taking over the RDS in Dublin for a full day of Counter-Strike. Four teams have qualified from the open qualifier and will be looking to fight for the trophy and the €500 grand prize.

Last LAN, we didn’t see anyone outside of Ireland compete. This time around, we have high-level (semi-retired) UK players such as Seth “Xetherato” Jackson, Luke “Nem” Mear, and Joe “Dexie” Demmon. But the most important name is Josh “Dweg” Nathan, who, alarmingly, might come away from this weekend as a LAN winner.

KING & QUEEN’S, featuring previous GamerFest Fall 2023 winner Tom “arTisT” Clarke, has an intense semi-final game versus gruffnuggest. Whoever wins that game will most likely win the event (even if KING & QUEEN’S are playing with Dweg).

Alongside the Irish AWPer, they had fellow GamerFest 2023 winner Ciaran “biscu” King play in the qualifier. However, he is unable to attend and is instead replaced by The Binmen’s finest, Dweg. The team will be fielding Dweg as they had to replace biscu with someone who was a similar elo.

Adam “AdamJC” Colwell who failed to qualify for GamerFest Fall 2023 might finally now win an Irish LAN. Seth “Xetherato” Jackson, who played with arTisT on UMX in 2021, will join up with his ex-teammate for one last dance. Rounding off the roster is John “Arracht” McGinley, “a big Irish character”.

Is Dweg about to become a LAN winner?

This roster will also feature one of UKCSGO’s finest. Naia “zoinks” Horsley, one of our graphics designers, will implement her in-depth tactical knowledge as their coach.

As previously mentioned, KING & QUEEN’S will face off against gruffnuggets featuring a real team core – Halal 5. Playing in ESEA Main and making playoffs for UKIC Season 2 Division 1 this team is on a roll. Kuba “kas” Capala brings over UK teammates Luke “Nem” Mear and Joe “Dexie” Demmon to form a scary core. Both players have not been super active in the last few years after Nem played in teams such as Lucent and Dexie for Endpoint Academy. They seem to be dusting off the cobwebs online, can they now perform on LAN?

Joining the trio, is ex-streamer Conor “dragsy” Lyons who coached Spizegirls last GamerFest placing second. Even though Whindanski played in the qualifier, ex-CEX player James “JamesBT” Beattie will be subbing in, coming out of retirement for one last LAN. gruffnuggets come into this event as the favourites to win it all, they just need to get past KING & QUEEN’S first.

On the other side of the bracket is Munchy Bros versus Full Metal Jacket. FMJ features two GamerFest reigning champions Jack “Jackmon” O Donnell & Nathan “N8” Dowd. Alongside them is a trio Leon “lemowel” Moser, Conall “Churley” Wurley, and Abdel “Aza” Beheiry who came runners up in the last event.

lemowel playing on stage at GamerFest Fall 2023

They also exhibit the final coach at GamerFest Spring 2024. UCD Leviathans captain Jack “jak” Byrne who placed third in this season of the Irish Esports Collegiate Series will be making his coaching debut.

Munchy Bros also features another UCD Leviathans player Kartal. He is joined by LedianBiokoDrC0ck and DynastyCS.

Whoever wins this game will have a big challenge ahead of them, but when on LAN, anything is possible… Especially considering the LAN will be played on the new patch with the updated Vertigo and there are no warmup PCs for players prior to the games. People will be entering the server cold, and potentially unaware of their surroundings.

The first BO3 starts at 11 am BST with Munchy Bros vs FMJ. It will be a rolling scheduling so at roughly 1 pm KING & QUEEN’S will play gruffnuggets, and then at 3 pm, the finals will commence.

If you want to catch the action live, you can do so at https://www.twitch.tv/icl_hub

UKCSGO will be live on site so make sure to keep an eye on X for updates throughout the day.


Kurt “kurtp” Pilbrow
Ryan “FL3M1NG” Fleming


Jack Igoe


Adam “Incipiens” Conway

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