Gfinity Elite Series S2: Week One Standings

by orclOctober 7, 2017

Late into Saturday evening the first week of the Gfinity Elite Series season 2 came to an end, with the final match almost heading into a comeback for exceL eSports after a less than spectacular T side of Cache against the Swedish Epsilon eSports side. All in all, the four games went the way we predicted in our week 1 preview, with the scores mostly being in the right ball park. The exception of course being the win by Method over Team Prophecy, who managed to take a 7 round lead and deny the Bulgarians the crucial bonus. The three other losing sides all managed to secure in excess of ten rounds, meaning that they earned the point.

Week 1 Results:

Team 1ScoreMapScoreTeam 2
Team Endpoint16cbble12Team Infused
Reason Gaming12train16EnVyUs Academy
Epsilon eSports16cache12exceL eSports

Week 1 Standings:

TeamWinLossPoint DifferencePoints
Epsilon eSports1043
Team Endpoint1043
EnVyUs Academy1043
Team Infused01-41
Reason Gaming01-41
exceL eSports01-41

Most exciting game: Infused vs Endpoint

Going into week one the Infused vs Endpoint game probably seems like the closest game, despite that fact three of the four games ended with a 16 – 12 scoreline. The Infused sided started off the game strong and looked to be in control for most of the first half, however Endpoint managed to pull it back to a much closer game as the half progressed. They themselves then seemed to be in control when they took on the CT side, however a number of rocky rounds almost saw the game slip back towards a tie. In the end, Endpoint won but as a spectator you would be forgiven for thinking the game could have gone the other way.

Most surprising result: Method 16 – 9 Prophecy

In our preview this week, we predicted a close score line between these two teams and in all honesty predicting a winner was a bit of a coin toss. However despite the starting off on the T side of train, Method managed to execute an almost flawless half, only beginning to faulter after they already had double figures on the scoreboard. The final score of the game actually makes the game seem much closer than it actually was. In reality, it was an incredibly one sided affair with Prophecy being out-classed by Method at every opportunity. In all testament to Method, I think they easily looked like the strongest team tonight.

That wraps up the first week coverage of the Gfinity Elite Series Season Two. Throughout the coming week there will be a preview for the second week’s games. The play day next Saturday clashes with epic LAN 22, so there may be some slight delays in the post match content, however rest assured, it won’t be missed.

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