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IGI Esports unveil new team


Last night IGI Esports released the news of their new CSGO roster featuring four UK faces, and one Swedish after their previous lineup announced their departure last month.

Their last team, made up of Ryan DOX Young, Man-Ho MRHUI Hui, Nick NK Feeney, Tayler TAYLERDOODLE O’Boyle and Ryan ‘REDGARZ‘ Edgar shared the 5th/6th spot with XENEX at i61. They had some promising results against some UK powerhouses, but despite this the team decided that they would disband and go their seperate ways.

IGI Esports at i61. – Credit to IGI Esports for the photo

This disbandment put IGI Esports on the lookout for a new team, publically announcing their intent to continue to support a CSGO team to gain more applications. Last night, their quest for a new team was ended as they made their announcement.

The new IGI Esports lineup is:

Geoff M1SFIT Woodward
Adam ADAM Ahmad
Mikael LAMBI Eriksson
Josh TESQUO Faulkner
Kristaps ARCHER Sarkans

According to the press release on their website, this roster will be taking place in ESEA EU Main, ESEA UK Open, and on their team page it suggests that the next event this team will attend will be Copenhagen Games in April 2018.



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