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insomnia57: Upsets all over..

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More upsets have been coming thick and fast here at i57. After a strong start to the event, claiming a clean exit from groups as well as a win against Mini Kiev Krew, yet, unfortunately, things turned sour for the squad who struggled to find momentum against NerdRage.Pro, dropping both maps in the series before then taking their final defeat of the event, losing out the BO3 series 0 – 2 once again to Perilous.CSGOSphere.

Adam “Adamxoxo” Rotherham had this to say:

Unfortunately we lost to the better team, they shown up on the day and were able to take the rounds they needed to win. Well played to them.

This, unfortunately, closes out uFrag’s weekend at Insomnia 57, taking home 9th place – still a strong achievement and something not to be knocked. In other news we saw Pick’N’Mix once again provide us with another interesting upset, taking a Bo3 series off of Perilous.Fury 2 – 1. We caught up with Jonathan “Cynic” Burvill from the team to catch his thoughts on how today has been for the team.

It was a close game, a good one at that. We thought we had Mirage, but we let it slip as we weren’t switched on. We got ourselves hyped back up again for Cobble, taking it 16-6
Keeping our momentum rolling onto Cache, taking it somewhat cleanly once again 16 – 9. Shout-outs to HVM for playing out of his mind this lan.

I also felt it appropriate to touch on a perhaps rather controversial topic that has been gracing the LAN halls this event, mainly centring around one particular player. Ben “KRBY” Kirby. Due to the nature of some of the upsets provided by Pick’N’Mix today, I felt it was worth asking what Cynic had to say on the cheating accusations that are being commonly directed towards Kirby.

He’s had a good LAN. I think we got a lucky map off of FM and people just got riled up against us taking that map, and onscreens’ team gave us a lot of flack for, supposedly, cheating. I feel like he’s proved himself this LAN, he’s had people watching him every game from admins to players. Perhaps undeserved scrutiny?

In another part of the lower bracket, Team Monumentalis were set to face off against Ionic. Ionic are a side that had picked up multiple wins in Group C, including against questioned seed soz4owned, to allow them qualification out in second place. After getting to the knockouts they hit up CeX, a game they lost in a convincing fashion. They went and faced XENEX, beating them 2-0 and heading into a face-off against the mentioned Monumentalis – a game the side won 2-0. What’s more impressive is that this is a team that have been together for just over a month, as we discovered when talking to Alex “Snodz” Byfield:

This is a great result for us. We were up 15-9 on Cache (the first map) when we started dropping rounds through sheer inexperience and nerves. We went on to finally take it when Aaron “AJAY” Corrie managed to secure a 1v2 to take it 16-13, we just about managed to keep our composure. The second game was much closer, after a 10-5 half on Mirage we managed to end it 16-14 when we had the A site on lock, after a good shot took down their final player. It means more as our side has been together for just over a month, and we made a week before LAN due to internal disagreements with a player. We’ve also not been playing CSGO for that long, I’ve been playing for a year and a half, and AJAY only six months. It’s a brilliant result from us in our first LAN together.

So you see, it’s not just experienced players who make deep runs in LAN. We’ve seen Pick’N’Mix and Ionic both get to the third Lower Bracket round, where they’ll head off against their most difficult opponents. We’ll see how they fare tomorrow.

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