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insomnia58: UK Masters Finals

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The finals of the UK Masters tournament finished today at the insomnia 58 event on the Friday, with CAZ eSports facing off against a heavily changed FM eSports roster. CAZ headed into the final with a one map advantage after getting to the LAN through the tournament play-off upper bracket.

After mentioning that the FM roster has been heavily changed from what it was previously, to the extent that there’s only two players left from the squad that qualified for the final, let’s have a look at the lineups from both teams.

Kostas “tsack” Theodoropoulos Neil “nEiLZiNHo” Finlay
Jake “jakem” McCausland George “hudzG” Hoskin
Jake “Boaster” Howlett Kristians “CINDER” Bogdanovs
Jake “Kryptix” Howlett Søren “socN” Falke
Robin “robiin” Sjórgen Phil “Whindanski” Nicholas

With this, even after FM’s roster change, it would appear that another change had occurred with CINDER taking the place of s0m for, what it would appear on twitter, this LAN. Whether or not the move is permanent is as of yet unconfirmed.

£3,500 was available for first place and £2,000 was on offer for the second place side. With CAZ heading into the tournament a map up already, FM had an upward battle to get their foot in the door to give themselves a higher chance of taking the title. After a delay to the proceedings, where there were some technical problems, the first map for the finals was Dust 2. CAZ started the game off on the CT side, and managed to create themselves a small lead at half time going in 8:7 leaders. The second half started off close for both sides, but after that CAZ more or less raced off to the end taking the first map 16:11, giving FM pretty much everything to do.

The prize the teams are fighting over. That, and the £3,500 prize

The prize the teams are fighting over. That, and the £3,500 prize

The second map, and the one FM had to win, was Cobblestone. This seemed to be much worse for FM, however, as it was the pick of CAZ and not exactly a map that a team who haven’t played together as long as CAZ to be good at. As expected, it didn’t start well for FM. The first half was a much more solid 10-5 lead for the boys in blue, as they seemed to be going for a swift 3-0 win to take the majority of the prize. This pretty much happened on plan as, besides two rounds going to FM they take the map without another hitch, going in 16:7 and becoming the first UK Masters champions.

CAZ take home the £3,500 cheque and, alongside FM eSports, see themselves through to the Upper Bracket of the i58 eliminations tournament as they fight their way to the final to top up their LAN winnings once more.

The final standings, including map win money, were:

1st: CAZ eSports (£4,100)
2nd: FM eSports (£2,800)
3rd: Orgless (£1,700)
4th: Reason Gaming (£1,000)

5th: Ionic (£200)
6th: Millwall Bushwackers (£200)

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