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insomnia61: The Elimination Bracket

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The Group stages have concluded, and now it’s time for the Elimination Bracket. For the first time, in a very very long time at an iSeries event, we have finally got a big wish where 31 teams square up to each other and play in the Elimination Bracket. That means the top two from each group get promoted and one of the UK Masters Finalists get placed into the bracket.

Games start at 10am on Saturday 26th August.


Elimination Stage – Saturday 26th

Main Bracket Round 1- 10am (Bo1)

Viperio Esports (16-11) TeqR esports
ProjectX (16-0) VapeLordz
In & Out by Friday Night (16-3) ODIN
Team XENEX (16-1) Delirum CS

Nuclear Storm Gaming (16-10) Osterity Esports
IGI Esports (16-3) Tritus
The Goose House (16-1) Inception Esports
Reason Gaming (16-8) Impulse Gaming

CeX, Pugs & Spray Control (10-16) Call Me eSports
BARRAGE (16-4) Lucid eSports
Choke Gaming (16-1) Caliber
Vexed (16-2) Overpowered | Outrage

Cryptick (16-3) OMEN
London Lynx (13-16) Zulu’s White Friends
Eden Esports (16-8) Blackout Gaming

Upper Bracket Round 2 – 11:30am (Bo1)

Team CeX (16-2) Viperio Esports
ProjectX (15-19) In and Out by Friday Night
XENEX (16-11) Nuclear Storm Gaming
IGI Esports (16-14) The Goose House
Call Me eSports (2-16) Reason Gaming
BARRAGE (12-16) Choke Gaming
Cryptick (14-16) Vexed
Eden Esports (1-16) Zulu’s White Friends

Lower Bracket Round 1 – 11:30am (Bo1)

BYE Vs TeqR esports
VapeLordz (3-16) ODIN
Delirium (12-16) Osterity Esports
Tritus (7-16) Inception Esports
CeX, Pugs & Spray Control (0-16) Impulse Gaming
Lucid eSports (0-16) Caliber
OMEN (16-14) Overpowered | Outrage
Blackout Gaming (11-16) London Lynx

Upper Bracket Quarter Finals – 2pm (Bo3)

In and Out by Friday Night (2-0) CeX
IGI Esports (2-1) XENEX
Reason Gaming (2-0) Choke Gaming
Zulu’s White Friends (0-2) Vexed

Lower Bracket Round 2 – 2pm (Bo1)

Teqr esports (1-16) Eden Esports
ODIN (8-16) Cryptick
Osterity Esports (16-12) BARRAGE
Inception Esports (0-16) Call Me eSports

The Goose House (16-13) Impulse Gaming
Caliber (3-16) Nuclear Storm Gaming
ProjectX (16-8) OMEN
Viperio Esports (9-16) London Lynx

Lower Bracket Quarter Finals – 3.30pm (Bo1)

Eden Esports (6-16) Cryptick
Call Me eSports (16-13) Osterity Esports
The Goose House (16-5) Nuclear Storm Gaming
ProjectX (16-13) London Lynx

Upper Bracket Semi-Finals – 5.30pm (Bo3)

CeX (2-0) IGI Esports
Reason Gaming (2-1) Vexed

Lower Bracket Quarter Finals 2 – 5.30pm (Bo1)

Cryptick (23-25) XENEX
In and Out by Friday Night (11-16) Call Me eSports
Zulu’s White Friends (7-16) The Goose House
Choke Gaming(10-16) ProjectX

Lower Bracket Semi-Finals – 7pm (Bo1)

Call Me eSports (14-16) XENEX
The Goose House (11-16) ProjectX

Lower Bracket Semi-Finals 2 – 9pm (Bo1)

Vexed (2-0) XENEX
IGI Esports (1-2) ProjectX

Elimination Stage – Sunday 27th

Upper Bracket & Lower Bracket Finals – 10am (Bo3)

CeX (0-2) Reason Gaming

Vexed (2-1) ProjectX

Consolidation Final – 2.30pm (Bo3)

CeX (1-2) Vexed

Grand Final – 8pm (Bo5)

Reason Gaming (1-3) Vexed


As many games as possible will be streamed by the Multiplay CS:GO Stream featuring John “JohnAllen” Allen, Jamie “SwitchBladeJay” Martin & Mark “Crossy” Cross as the casters.

Twitch Stream

Stay tuned to UKCSGO, as we hope to bring you as much coverage as possible, however limited it is from insomnia61 this weekend.

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