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Insomnia65 UKCSGO stream with ReaperSteve

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With Insomnia65 drawing closer, I’d like to announce something new UKCSGO will be doing this event. It is something we trailed almost completely by accident last event and after it’s success, we decided to try and make it a permanent fixture for this event. This feature is a UKCSGO stream covering the BYOC CSGO tournament.

Many people were upset about Insomnia’s change to their broadcasting which saw only one official stream being utilised to cover all events taking place. In the later stages of the CSGO tournament we setup a stream so people could watch some games that weren’t being covered and it turned out to be very popular, even though we had no casters.

The voice of the UKCSGO Insomnia65 stream - ReaperSteve

The voice of the UKCSGO Insomnia65 stream – ReaperSteve

This event, we’re taking this idea and expanding on it. We are delighted to announce that Nick “ReaperSteve” Stevens will be heading up the casting of the UKCSGO Insomnia65 stream where we will be looking to cover as many games as we can, and handing the stream over to the official Insomnia65 when they are broadcasting a CSGO match.

So make sure you head over to our Twitch Channel, drop us a follow and tune in from the 23rd of August for all the CSGO action live from Insomnia65!

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