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Intel Tulpars Reloaded, one Open Qualifier left

The event will accumulate into a LAN finals which will take place in Istanbul

by Sampied

As we transition into the upcoming era of competition, a new regional event has been announced for the British Isles. The playing teams will be decided based on open qualifiers which are going underway soon. These qualifiers will accumulate into a regional finals which will be taking place on the 18th and 19th of November where the best and brightest of the UK and Ireland will be on display.

The whole event is split into three different stages. The first stage commences with the start of open qualifiers which have been taking in four regions (UK, Germany, Turkey, GCC). A total of six open qualifiers will be held for each region. The teams that successfully pass through the qualifiers will fight for the regional title alongside (potentially) several invited teams in the second stage.

The third stage will consist of a LAN Finals which will take place in Istanbul, Turkey in December, where the victors of the regional finals will face off against each other. The LAN final boasts a prize pool of $21,000. The remaining $3,000 prize pool will be allocated to the regional finals. Additional hardware prizes will also be awarded both in the offline and online phases of the event.

In a significant development that greatly benefits the local CS Community, event organizers have made the event accessible for community broadcasting. This inclusive approach permits well-known streamers and Counter-Strike enthusiasts to both spectate and engage with the event. Furthermore, it creates a favourable environment for regional content creators to expand their reach, ultimately leading to increased event viewership.

With a fresh start for the competitive scene and Counter-Strike as whole, regional events unquestionably play a pivotal role in fostering a strong esports ecosystem and nurturing the up-and-coming talent of the future. Additionally, these events provide a stage for emerging players to showcase their abilities and refine their skills. Whether it be playing with friends for fun, or with competitive spirit in mind, there is something for everyone who will be joining the upcoming open qualifier.

Community broadcasts are open for people to stream the games.

There have already been many notable teams that qualify such as Verdant and Ex-Coalesce. There is one final Open Qualifier remaining, the winner will take the final spot in the Closed Qualifier for a chance to win the bulk of the $3,000 prize pool and hardware prizes. The winner of said Closed Qualifier will be qualifying for the main event in Turkey. Click here to enter the sixth qualifier which is happening on the 11th of this month.

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