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Into the Bin round out roster with German Sniper

PANIX secures the last spot on the roster after other opportunity falls through.

by GrimyRannarr

Previously, UKCSGO has reported that Into the Bin, since competing in ECL Challenger Season 44, had a core of four players revolving around the old Into the Breach roster. Since then, they have finalised their roster with the addition of Max “PANIX” Hangebruch, a German AWPer, formally of ALTERNATE aTTaX.

The British core, led by Adam “Adam9130” Ahmad, peaked at #41 in the world towards the end of 2022 and it looked like they were on an upwards trajectory, however as soon as it started looking good, things fell apart. During their time alongside the Swedish duo of William “draken” Sundin and Alfred “RuStY” Karlsson, it looked promising and they will be looking to do it again.

REPORT: Into the Bin core confirmed, looking for AWPer

Previously, PANIX has only played within his regional scene, starting off his career in late 2018 at BIG Academy, where he resided for over a year, until he made the jump to ALTERNATE aTTaX at the start of 2021, playing in ESEA Premier and placed high at regional leagues. After his seven-month stint, he made the switch to cowana Gaming under the leadership of Kevin “kRYSTAL”  Amend. While at cowana, PANIX progressed massively with a noticeable upgrade in his statistics and experience, placing high at German LANs and making a name for himself in Germany.

Most recently, PANIX has returned back to his former team of ALTERNATE aTTaX boasting a really impressive 1.21 HLTV rating across the four months he was a part of the roster.

However, coming into 2023, PANIX alongside his teammate Patrick “pdy” Merken had to be released from the organisation to explore their own options. That brings us to the roster we have today and marks the first time this German AWPer will venture outside of Germany.

Into the Bin, which has been rated as the best UK team in our last two monthly expert rankings, is still looking for an organisation to represent while they play out ECL. It will be the second time for Adam9130 and William “dobbo” Dobson, in recent history, on an English squad. Into the Breach qualified for season 40 of ESL Challenger and sadly lost their spot, after coming last in their group. So far in this season, they have defeated Permitta in a dominant 2-0 fashion and will be playing against BLUEJAY on the 14th of February, and if they win that, they will save their spot.

Into the Bin are now:

Adam “Adam9130” Ahmad

William “dobbo” Dobson

Andrew “Wolfie” Allan

Robin “robiin” Sjögren

Max “PANIX” Hangebruch

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