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Invictum part ways with Sorex

The team has brought in two stand-ins to play out the rest of the season.

by Dafydd

In an announcement on X (formerly Twitter), Lorenzo “LTH” Venanzi the IGL for Invictum, announced that they have parted ways with Jack “Sorex” Renton-Cooper. During his two months on the roster Invictum competed in UKIC Division 1, where they currently sit 6th, and are ranked as the 11th in the UKCSGO rankings. With Sorex leaving, Shane “SHANEY” Smith and Adam “AdamJC” Colwell will be standing in for Invictum.

Invictum announced the formation of their newest roster on the 26th of March which saw Sorex and Alex “F0cus” James return to play under the Invictum banner. The organisation had started the year with a different roster entirely, headlined by SHANEY and Praisy, but the team did not stick together long after EPIC41.

During EPIC.LAN the team struggled for form and wasn’t helped by the fact that their Turkish import, Cansky, had issues surrounding his flight. Seeded 10th the team was unable to make it out of groups whilst Sorex, with the Flowstate mix, was able to finish in the top six.

Since March the team’s results were inconsistent, but did include UKIC Division 1 wins over EXO, Royals, and K10. UKCSGO understands that for the rest of the season SHANEY will be the primary stand-in for the team whilst AdamJC will be the secondary.

LTH spoke to UKCSGO about the future of Invictum, stating: “The future for Invictum is looking brighter every day. Looking ahead we are just now about to start running some try-outs to find the right fit for our team as SHANEY, our standin, sadly can’t commit to a schedule with us.”

If we do manage to finish the Division 1 season strong we can be a very scary opponent for any team in the bo3 playoffs

“Our ambitions are definitely to reach advanced, it’s unsure if we will be able to this season with having a stand-in for the open playoffs, especially them being single elimination, but if not this season hopefully the next one if we qualify for main. Also in terms of UKIC I’m quite happy with some of our results, we were a bit inconsistent due to some internal team issues which have now been resolved, and I’m confident that if we do manage to finish the Division 1 season strong we can be a very scary opponent for any team in the bo3 playoffs. It will be a big achievement to get HLTV as a team.”

Invictum will finish the season as:

Lorenzo “LTH” Venanzi
Kevin “Magic_KS” Simpson
Ben “Benjymin” Britton
Alex “F0cus” James
Shane “SHANEY” Smith (stand-in)
Adam “AdamJC” Colwell (stand-in)

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