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K10 drop their roster

After not making Advanced for the third time, K10 parts ways with their roster.

by Dafydd

10 months after first signing for K10, Adam “AdamJC” Colwell and company will be looking for a new home. The team is well-known within the UK, with a number of recent LAN appearances, including a top eight finish at EPIC38 and a second place finish at EPIC40. Despite their strong placements offline, K10 have struggled in ESEA Main as they have failed to secure promotion to Advanced in the past three seasons.

The roster has seen two changes in personnel since joining the organisation. Jamie “Tree60” Callan recently departed to join the orgless Ex-Coalesce side, and was replaced with Connor “Bigun” Suddons, whilst the team’s long-term Dutch AWPer, Nino “NiNo” Roos, retired from competitive play. James “Flicky” Errington joined the team last month to fill the vacant AWPer role.

UKCSGO understands that K10 remains committed to UK CS and will be looking to sign a new team this month.

The roster will remain together under the alias “Ex-K10” until they find their new home which, according to sources, could be sooner rather than later. They are currently the sixth best team in the scene, according to the UKCSGO Rankings.

K10 owner, Ethan “Fl0wz” Rogerson, spoke to UKCSGO about the decision to part ways with the roster:

I want to end things by saying that, this was the hardest choice I’ve had to make as manager for a long time, probably ever to be honest. I’m sure everyone knows how much of a JC fan I am, but I do love this team its full of amazing people and we’ve had a good time together. I honestly hope they go make us look like dickheads and qualify for Advanced next season because I genuinely want them to succeed, I still believe they have what it takes and I’ll still be supporting them even if they’re no longer wearing K10 jerseys.

Ex-K10 are now:

Adam “AdamJC” Colwell
Rik “ve1nzo” Zwegers
William “wiiam” O’Shea
Connor “Bigun” Suddons
James “Flicky” Errington

Elliot “Fett1s” Fettis (coach)

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