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K10 part ways with NiNo

The Dutch AWPer has decided to step down from competitive play.

by Dafydd

After ten months of competing on the K10 roster Nino “NiNo” Roos has decided to step down from competitive play effective immediately. This follows an early exit in ESEA Main Playoffs where K10 fell in round two of the Lower Bracket to the mix named “AVT” headed up by Eduard “Kaide” Tatarinov. For the team and organisation this is a step backwards considering they were one win away from making ESEA Advanced in the previous season.

This marks the second roster move in as many months for K10 as Jamie “Tree” Callan left the team to join Ex-Coalesce before the start of ESL Premiership Autumn 2023. The youngster attended Insomnia 71 with his new team and posted a 1.08 rating for the event despite Ex-Coalesce not being able to make the final over Endpoint. K10 replaced Tree with Connor “Bigun” Suddons who has had a remarkable start for his new side and now K10 are in search of an AWPer to head into CS2 with, it’s unknown who that will be, but it is likely that they will be announced soon.

For NiNo this is the end of a career that took him to the both the Benelux and UK scenes with appearances on teams such as JoinTheForce, Asterion, and finally K10.

UKCSGO reached out to one of K10’s owners, Ethan “fl0wZ” Rogerson, to find out how they are feeling about the future:

Prior to the start of playoffs, Nino informed the team that he would be stepping away from competitive play upon the conclusion of the current season. As the oldest member of the team, life has started to catch up to him and he understandably has other responsibilities to take care of outside of esports. Sticking with the squad for 10 months, he helped provide stability and experienced voice to roster which greatly enabled the growth both the organisation and the CS team has seen this year and I’d like to sincerely thank him for his service.


Looking to the future we will still be attending EpicLAN 40 with the goal of a deep playoffs run and our eyes thoroughly set on the trophy. We will also continue doing what we do best, talent development, and you can expect our new fifth to continue this rosters trend of creating explosive new stars in the UK scene.

K10 are now:

Adam “AdamJC” Colwell
Rik “ve1nzo” Zwegers
William “wiiam” O’Shea
Connor “Bigun” Suddons

Elliot “Fett1s” Fettis (coach)


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