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Live from i69: Day Three

UKCSGO brings you the coverage from the penultimate day of action

by arnie

Temperate through to grand final after ReegaN drops monster 99 ADR

Temperate didn’t need the monster comeback on Nuke this time around, as a masterclass from ReegaN powered them to a 16-9 victory. Vertigo was up next and Temperate seem to have been hiding their prowess on this map saving it for a rainy day, and the rainy day came.

Reegan “ReegaN” ward was once again on fire and this time emyr “eMy” green joined him with a 1.34 rating, potentially displaying the kind of performance that the AWPer can put up.

Temperate with a inspired comeback take their revenge on 1fredde, will fight Leicester 5 in the consolidation final – 8:00pm

Temperate pulled off a stunning comeback on Nuke. After winning Inferno without too much trouble, the wheels began to fall off the wagon. Temperate couldn’t find any impact on their T side and a losing the CT pistol and subsequent rounds didn’t help. It left the team at a 4-14 deficit going into the first gun round and ,despite now being on the favoured side, a third map looked extremely likely.

Temperate slowly built up their rounds and with it confidence and despite losing a round, putting them up against multiple map points, they managed to take it to overtime and eventually the win.

They will play Leicester 5 in the consolidation final to battle over the last spot on stage with a spot in the grand final at stake.

Girafffe and arTisT pocket Leicester 5 to power EKO to the grand final – 5:30pm

In a super close first map on Nuke, EKO had to rely on Callum “Girafffe” Jones in a monster 100 ADR, 41 kill performance that took the team over the line with a 19-17 overtime win.  In the second map on Mirage it was IGL and AWPer Tom “arTisT” Clarke who decided to take over with a dominant 114 ADR, 31 kill game.

Leicester 5 now await the winner of Temperate vs 1fredde in a lower bracket final rematch, in which Temperate will be itching to avenge their earlier loss.


Ocelot send Horus packing as we get too the business end of the tournament -2:00pm

The international mix squad move onto fight 1fredde in their losers semi after beating Horus 2-0. The next set of games are scheduled to start at 2:30pm when we will see;
1fredde vs Ocelot
Temperate vs ONE HAG
EKO vs Leicester 5

Ocelot vs Horus esports starts the day after Temperate beat OldMEN last night – 12:00pm

Due to Temperate playing their loser round three match last night, the only match for this morning is the Ocelot vs Horus esports match-up. The winner of that match-up will face 1fredde in this afternoons lower bracket semi’s whilst Temperate look to get payback on ONE HAG.

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