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by orclDecember 3, 2015

Many months ago, a new eSports community website was announced under the name of Monumentalis. With promises to becomes the new cadred and a host of promised features to keep the community coming back, it was expected that the site would become a success should they get the following they anticipated. However, with many delays in the launch of the site and an inherent lack of content tailored to any one specific community, the site doesn’t seem to have connected majorly with any eSports demographic. With that being said, they do regularly publish a host of original content across a wide variety of titles.

Perhaps in a change of direction for the company, the Monumentalis brand now also seems to have expanded into supporting eSports teams, and yesterday announced that they had secured a UK based Counter-Strike team on a 12 month contract. The team consists of former CeX member Henry “chron1c” Thornton, as well as Dudley “dUdLeY” Morris of Reason Gaming fame. The complete roster is as follows:

Elliot “EB” Bidmead
Henry “chron1c” Thornton
Dudley “dudley” Morris
Max “maxyb” Bidmead
Tramaine “xfp” Stanley

Elliot “EB” Bidmead gave the following statement on their website:

We are really excited and pleased to have joined Monumentalis and are looking forward to developing as a team under the guidance of the organisation. With the support offered by Monumentalis we hope to continue to improve, event after event

Max “maxyb” Bidmead added:

After the last Insomnia we left there knowing we’re making good progress within the scene. We’ve put together a team with ability across the board and backed it up with 2 months’ worth of practice. Constantly improving as a team can be hard but, I honestly feel that we’ve found a great mixture of youth and experience and we are growing together on a daily basis. We’re very excited to have Monumentalis help us progress and hope to repay their faith with good results. We’re all excited to be debuting for the company at the next I series event and going into the New Year with whatever opportunities come our way.

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