NerdRage bid farewell to UK esports

by Lucas LewisFebruary 23, 2018

In an unexpected move, NerdRage have announced that they will be exiting the UK esports space with immediate effect, cutting ties to their UK teams including their CS:GO roster and sponsors in the space.

NerdRage had impressed many by reaching the final four of the ECS Season 5 open qualifier; beating German team “AYB” in the round of eight, and finally losing 2-0 to AGO, with a tight 16-14 loss on mirage. The team also currently sit on a 4-4 scoreline in ESEA Main.

The news of the organisation’s actions were initially made public by Kyle “Swaggy” Wilson, posting on twitter that the team was looking for new offers:

Shortly after the organisation released an official statement, their reasons for making their exit being that they found “little benefit in pursuing UK esports”. The organisation further stated that this isn’t the end for NerdRage as a brand, and that they would be pursuing European ventures in the near future.

After reaching out to Swaggy for comment, he stated:

It’s sad to see them go, but we’re looking forward to working with new organisations and new opportunities it will bring.

A further comment from another ex-nerdRage player “TotunG” said:

It was a pleasure single handedly getting nR back to hltv, I’d like to thank my fans and supporters.

The squad has expressed that the move of organisations will reflect no change to the team, and that they will continue competing together under the name of Fish Shirt. The roster is as follows:

Richard “Zulu” Wood
Kyle “swaggyavi” Wilson
Michael “wwww” Sandvik
Nathan “Naet” Bowman
Dean “TotunG” Grealish

Harley “esi” Fernandez de Mayo (coach)

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