Former Nerdrage duo form Bulldog’s new roster

by Lucas LewisMarch 20, 2018

After NerdRage axed support for their team, the future of the roster was uncertain. The team initially carried on with no changes under the name “Fish Shirt”. Over time however a mixture of previous internal issues and the effects of the events with the organisation proved too much for the roster: three members leaving, with Kyle “swaggy” Wilson and Michael “wwww” Sandvik sticking together.

Behind the scenes the two have worked on rebuilding the squad, resulting in the new roster announced by Bulldog Esports yesterday.

The team presented is a full European mix of five different nationalities, with two of the new pick-ups residing in the UK, significantly meaning the roster is eligible to play in domestic competition and comfortably play in UK LANs.

The organisation and three new player’s are no stranger to UK esports: Bulldog placed 1st at Epic.19, and took 2nd at Epic.23, Ricardo “CRMJ” Costa’s Team CRG won Epic.12 in 2014, and Nikita “l4auti” Kuznecov has been standing in for Luminary in the ESL Premiership since the removal of Josh “Tesquo” Faulkner. CRMJ is also a veteran of UK esports with a career that stretches all the way to Source, as well as being a former member of ROYALS who competed in ESEA MDL S24.

The team are competing in the next season of ESEA Main, and if they successfully qualify with substitute, the next season of the UK EPS. Discussing the new team, Swaggy commented:

“The teams motivation is really encouraging and we’ll be really strong going forward. I’m looking forward to playing future matches with the team, and everyone is showing great potential.”

Bulldog’s new lineup is as follows:

Kyle “swaggy” Wilson
Michael “wwww” Sandvik
Tobias “Joriz” Fagerberg
Ricardo “CRMJ” Costa

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