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NHR part ways with ZAL, add jamie

Michael “ZAL” Chapman has been removed from NHR’s active roster, citing attitude issues as the reason for his removal.

by meffew

NHR, the team who previously played under Sinister, have made the decision to remove their AWPer Michael “ZAL” Chapman from the starting five. This comes after Jack “Sorex” Renton Cooper took to Twitter to explain the reasoning behind this change, citing attitude issues as the main reason behind his removal from the roster. NHR have picked up Jamie “jamie” Hayes in his place, who rounds out the roster as the team’s final rifler.

This season, NHR went 5-7 in ESEA Main, acquiring two more forfeit losses after successfully securing their position in the division heading into Season 45. Season 44 was intended to end the team’s roster turbulence, after moving Abed “dodz” Mohtar to a substitute position and picking up two new players. UK CS veteran Shane “shaney” Smith, whose competitive Counter-Strike career dates back to the days of CS:S in 2011, and Gal “Meow” Shmulevich, an Isreali who was chosen to fill the void left by dodz.

However, Meow’s tenure with the squad was short-lived, as Micheal “PrimeOPI” John Fury was recruited as his replacement at the beginning of the season. This proved to be a wise choice, as he was statistically NHR’s strongest player sporting 81 ADR and 0.72 FPR

ZAL’s departure leaves the team without a dedicated AWPer, however, it seems that Sorex will take up sniping duties instead now that jamie has rounded out their roster. ZAL has demonstrated his commitment to the ‘big green’ as he looks for a new home while still preferring to play as the team’s AWP.

NHR are now:

Jack “Sorex” Renton Cooper
Alex “f0cus” James
Shane “shaney” Smith
Micheal “PrimeOPI” John Fury
Jamie “jamie” Hayes

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