NSG enter the UK scene with team pickup

by Stuart McAllisterJanuary 8, 2017

NSG, also known as Nuclear Storm Gaming, have announced the signing of a UK team after primarily being interested in Irish talent in the past.

The announcement was posted late last night on the NSG Esports twitter account and confirms the signing of a mix of players who have been playing the recent UK Gaming Tours qualifiers as “AoE Players”

Though the team dropped out early due to some issues with the tournament system, they’ve proven themselves online to have great individual skills, though their teamplay has yet to be established.

You may notice some of these names as part of the Insomnia 58 IGI eSports lineup. Philo, Plasmaz and WADDY have teamed up once again. This time they bring along Ducky, formerly of Function Esports and kplus, previously a part of the Bulldog eSports roster that won Epic.NINETEEN

Owner of NSG, Stuart McAllister had a few words to say to us:

NSG is an organisation based in Ireland/Northern Ireland that has been trying to grow the local scene before entering into the U.K. scene and now feel it’s the right time to do that having been presented with an opportunity. Our main focus is just to be involved in as much U.K. tournaments as possible and hopefully make a positive impact in the community.

The Nuclear Storm Gaming Roster is as follows:

  • Mitchell “Ducky” Robertson
  • Philip “Philo” Chan
  • Adam “Plasmaz” Wilde
  • Tom “WADDY” Wadsworth
  • Kyle “kplus” Lamond

The Team will be hoping to attend any future LAN events such as the upcoming Epic.20 and Insomnia 60

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