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October 13, 2017

epic22: Groups Come to a Close in Kettering

With the final few games finishing off just moments ago, the group stage of the Counter-Strike tournament at epic22 has come to its end. The group stage was not by any means a boring one, and it is not exactly surprising that there have been some upsets with the number of seeds packed into each of the four groups.

There were upsets across the board, starting out with the defeat of London Lynx at the hands of The Goose House in the very first round. They almost managed to do something special themselves though by taking Enclave Gaming, the tournament first seed, all the way and ending the game with a tie. In the end, they ended up third in their group on account of their rocky [...]

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October 13, 2017

epic22: The Battle of the CeXes

Group B played host to both the CeX mix team seeded second and the Disappointing CeX team seeded sixth. Things hadn’t gone particularly well for the disappointing side so far, who managed to lose to both Cryptick and the unseeded OBN.Mix team. Prior to their final game, they had only mustered up wins against Team Ghost and Fragging 4 Artur, a team who collectively at this point had won a total of ten rounds through the group stage.

The final game of the groups saw both of the CeX mix teams go head to head. The more successful of the two already had cleared the group with wins across the board. However, the other side coming in were at grave risk of potentially not making [...]

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October 13, 2017

epic 22: Groups Kick Off, Geese > Lynx

Round one of the group stages kicked off with a bang, seeing numerous seeds meet within the first game resulting in exciting openers and a loud atmosphere in the LAN hall. The majority of the results have gone the way expected, albeit with the scorelines potentially close in some cases – see Team CeX vs Ghost for an example of that. Another close opening game came between the London Lynx, a team who has recently acquired the talent and experience of Luke “fearLess” Morris, and The Goose House.

Group A currently sees the Enclave side out in the lead with a 16 – 3 win over the Rasta side. Right behind them is the ninth seed, The Goose House who managed to [...]

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October 13, 2017

epic22: Group Stage

The group standings have been released for the epic 22 CS:GO tournament. The first stage of the tournament sees four groups of nominally six teams, from which the top four will advance in to sixteen team elimination bracket.

Due to the tournament having just 22 teams, a couple of the groups have a “bye” that will give some of the teams an additional break in between one of their games.

On the face of it the groups appear pretty stacked, however that is mainly due to the fact that there are numerous teams hovering around the upper-middle of the seedings that could almost be interchanged. Hence, the groups could easily be more exciting than one could normally [...]

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